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Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Model for a Day
This is a story of a young girl who suddenly received a calling from above to pay a few hundred ringgit to get a personal album. (Ok ok.. I am not a young girl and there is no calling from above. It was plain vanity !)

I have been toying the idea for sometime. Years actually. ( I did take one when I was a teenager but that was too childish- I need a pro !). When I discuss the idea with people around me, I get different reactions; some were neutral; some were supportive; some wants to do the same thing but...; some just out-right objected it.

I know I have a blinking light on my financial book with the trips planned this year and a house to be furnished. But, I keep thinking about my age. 28 years old. Two more years, I am no longer in my twenties. I am already an aging woman!! It does panicked me. It is like my years of glory is coming to an end. I just want to be able to hold the pictures and mumble through my toothless mouth to my grandchildren, " Hey, your ah ma was young before; see, she was beautiful, that is why your ah gong went crazy all over her!!" (ok, everyone is entitled to have self dignity -so give face yeah)

I did my budget planning and I gave myself all the justifications (or some people would think it as excuses) I can think of, ie. I don't spend hundreds perming or straightening my hair, I am still using a non colour screen Nokia phone ( yeah, it is going to the handphone museum soon), I don't spend hundreds buying classy handbags etc etc.

So, in a nutshell, I made a decision and went for the session. Also, here I should give credit to my beloved boyfriend. Even though he wasn't really keen about it, he did respect my decision and supported me by partially sponsoring me. hehe.. Love ya !

How did it go ?? Well, it was a tiring experience. It took more than 8 hours for make up, changing and photographing session. Just four outfits !! Man, I cannot imagine those who get 8 outfits for their wedding package. Actually the most of the time was wasted coz I gotta wait for the photographer and the make-up sifu in between. What to do, the studio is so famous that almost everyday is full !

And yeah, I almost regretted going for it. I was actually thinking of scraping my wedding photos. But that was just a sudden thought, I am still going for it. So somebody, don't be so happy yet !!

Service wasn't that good. The makeup sifu sort of have an attitude. But if i have to work 10 hours 6 days a week with only 8 days annual leave and total of 5 public holidays a year, I think I would go cuckoo too. hehe.. Anyway, I tai yan yau tai leong, I forgive her la. Yeah, though she almost shaved off half of my left eyebrow.

The best part was the photographing sessions. I enjoyed every bit. I like the photographers and how they interact with me. what I love most is every other shot they will shower me with praises. "GOOOOOOOOD..." "This is a really pretty shot" .."Yes, that is beautiful !" " Wow, that is a sexy pout" "Yes, stand up straight, exaggerate your curves,yes, correct. wa, just like a ferrari ! "

Ok, for those who are not vomitting or done vomitting, tell me, who won't fly with the praises ? And yes, it made me feel good and like a model- for a day.. Hmm.. make it top model for a day. Hahaha

I guess at the end of the day, it is just a matter of me feeling good about myself, boosting my ego. I think it is just plain human nature, AND I believe that is what everyone wants. So, I think I should do it more often. Make people make feel good about themselves sincerely, spread the happiness. Or a second thought, may be whenever I need help from them.. hahaha yeah. that is sly !

Anyway, I am looking forward to see my photos next week. ( ah, a note, photography session was on Sunday 13 March 2006). Hope they come out well !! Else, I really go amok !!
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