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Thursday, December 01, 2011
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Thursday, June 05, 2008
And she is two months old d !!
First I was too bloated to blog and then I was too tired, exhausted to blog.

Then, time just flies.. and now..
Yeah, she is two months old today.

She was 3 days overdue. And I ended up having an emergency c sect due to pro-longed labour.

Oh well, doesn't matter. As long as, my darling baby came out safe and sound, fat and cute !!


My maternity leave coming to an end. How am I coping with motherhood ? At times, I still in a daze that I am a mother now. Challenges for the first 2 months is over, more to come..

She is not easy to take care.. Even my mother almost raised up the white flag.
  • She bawls like we torture her when we bathe her

  • She has pro-longed jaundice.. and I am not confined during my confinement period as almost every two days I take her to the the clinic to have her bilirubin level checked

  • She refused to be bottle feed .. at the end of her first month. Doc suspect she has breastmilk jaundice so we had to bottle feed her for 3 days.. and it was terrible to see her cry piteously for me.. now even after a month, sometimes she still wants to suckle , which gets me worried as I am going back to work soon

  • She wouldn't shit after her jaundice was at a safe level.. Aii.. apparently, the formula milk doesn't suit her...

The list goes on... this mother complaining d !! haha.. but now she smiles at me,my heart melts.. when she cooes at me, my heart tickles... and when she cries, my heart breaks..

I want to give her the best, to protect her, to love her, to provide her.....

And I truely understand a mother's love, a mother's sacrifice... and to appreciate my own mother more...

Here is my little Baby Loong Yi

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Saturday, March 29, 2008
39 weeks and still pregnant !
Still bloated, still 2 in 1..
Probably mostly those who are pregnant before will understand y I am so anxious to be released of this excess baggage.
I couldn't comprehend why a friend was looking forward to giving birth last time. Isn't that bundle in your tummy that probably kick you once in a while much better than that kicking, wailing one that always need change of soiled nappies ??

Nah !! You rather hold the baby in your arms now.. Let her wail, let her scream your ears deaf, let her always be needing a feed, needing to be held!!!
But not the backache, walking with a hunched back due to the weight, bloated hands and legs, cramps, sleepless night, increasing 1kg in a week and that sudden pain in your tummy, lower abdomen !!

But I am still not ready, or I should say baby is not ready. Doctor say most probably I would be overdue due to my cervix has not dilated or even ripen. Oh well..
How long should we wait before we opt for inducing labour?
The pros and cons .. the risks.
A decision that involves a life. One that I have carried in me for 9 months. One that I have bonded with. One that my other half who proudly awaits to hold in his arms..

Anyway, if she is not ready, she is not. Guess I have to live with the 'suffering' for another week or so. After all, due date is still 4 days away.. Relax...

A friend who is due a day after me have given birth this morning. :) Healthy baby boy... Am so happy for her and her husband !! As a once-reluctant mother but now a eager one, I can feel their immense joy of being parents !!
Congrates Chia and O Jin !!!
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Saturday, March 15, 2008
37 weeks
Went to see the gynae today.

Weekly visit.

Everything is ok and normal. Still no idea when will baby be ready to come out.

He said by the time baby is born would be about 7 pounds plus. 3.2 to 3.4 kg.

Ah doi besar-nya !!! He said slightly big for my size.

My stomach is relatively small but baby besar. Ah ler.. No wonder I so san fu lar.

He said tahan few more weeks lar. But, once have the symptoms then be admitted to hospital.

I stare at him. Few more weeks........*blink*

Sleepless nights, contractions, visits to the loo in the middle night, heavy sack in my stomach, surpressing my durian craving(it is in season again !!!!)............

I can imagine that I would be sounding just like my mother...

" I carried you for 10 months suffering, and now you do such ungrateful stuff!!"

Geez, I can tell the future d

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Saturday, March 08, 2008
36 weeks
Here it is.
It's full term... or reaching full term. A life has been in me for 36 weeks.. Have I nurtured her enough? I don't know. Doc say I would be 'meeting' her anytime.
How do I feel? Other than huge, heavy and very unattractive espescially with that big bloated nose??

Most of the time, I rather not think of it.

Just taking a walk down the memory lane....
How I found out I was pregnant... the morning sickness, being admitted to hospital for the first time. Curling up in the hospital bed, weeping due to the pain, the feeling of being lost and unprepared of being a mother.
The days I practically was hugging the toilet bowl...
And the first time seeing our seed of love on the screen, that strong beating heart.
Taking baby to Italy for our honeymoon... where she has been so good that my morning sickness stopped just a week before the trip and I was walking, eating, sleeping and enjoying the sweet honeymoon with my hubby. :)
Second tri was blissful !! Feeling her kicking and moving in me is something really special and touching. And hearing her heart beat for the first time..
Not to mention all the speculation of whether it is a Mickey or Minnie. Majority said would be Mickey but my gynae decided otherwise..
The question of whether my husband or my in laws are happy with that??
Aww.. I hoped for a boy for the sake of them. But in reality, I just want my baby to be healthy... Boy or girl? Doesn't matter.... :)
Then came the third tri.. when I fell sick with viral fever... the rash, the itchiness.. Then sleepless nights, aching back and bloated legs..
Horrible huh.... Again, it is feeling her kicking and moving and dunno-doing-what-stunts in me that is keeping me going and appreciating this pregnancy..

I visualize of the moment I would be carrying her in my arms ( skipping all the labour pain and scary stuff...haha... ).... I have a feeling I would cry then.

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