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Monday, March 20, 2006
River of Life
Finally decided on my blog's name. River of life.. (For those who din notice or was not aware of my previous blog name, the name was Ming's place to 8- why 8 coz I am a 8 person and my fav # is 8 .. my birthday has 3 digits that is number 8 ler... hehehe)

When we are on a boat in a river.. we can see things a little behind us (or at least remember what we saw) and up to an extent of the view in front of us; and we can see things on the banks of the both side. That is how when we are living our life. Past, future, present...

But, viewing the river from an aerial view, we can see how the river started, where it ends, where the water is calm, where there are rapids, where there are rocks, where there are bushes on the banks or a vast green land .. we see everything ! We see the life of the river.. just as our life.

Well, when would we be able to see the river of our life ? May be when we die? Am not sure but I am not going into that. That's too depressing.

Anyway, I was thinking if I am diligent enough to post entries to my blog as long as I can, I believe my family, my friends or even strangers would have an aerial view of my river.. (only thing it starts at age of 27+ unless I start writing about my past.. See my mood first la.)

So there, this is what I have to offer.. the river of my life...

ps. This idea was from one of the books I read long ago. I am not taking credit for it, so don't sue me !! Hehehe
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