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Friday, March 24, 2006
Man of My Dreams
Two nights ago, I had a real funny dream. Andy Lau was actually dating me.. HAHAHAHA.. yeah.. laugh first. I woke up laughing too. But, the whole thing about the dream that was so romantic was that he actually offering me $$ after knowing that I am going on a trip to China (No, I am not going to China in realilty).It goes something like this.
" Hey darling, you would be leaving for China soon. Need some extra allowance? Here, take this. Buy some branded bags and shoes."
Obviously taken aback and still not blinded by greed, yours truly answered," Err, no. I am fine..Thanks..."
And that generous man of my dreams insisted," You sure ? Take this credit card and go. Spend as you wish."
Man, that was the most romantic thing I can remember from the dream. I was swooning with my friends. Then, it hit me.
More than 10 years ago, in high school, I would be the one standing on the table, announcing to my friends," I want a romantic husband. Romance must go on till I die. I want to hold hands with my husband and walk the beach with him even I am 60 years old ! "
5 years ago, I was the one sitting on my chair telling my closest girlfriends," Mmm.. I want a love, passion and romance in my marriage. Keep the fire burning. I want my husband and I to hold hands and walk along the beach till we are old. BUT, financial stability is important too. Anyway, he doesn't need to be rich now. Just need to have the POTENTIAL to earn lots of money!!"
Here today, I am sitting in front of a PC, heart fluttering because some middle-age TV icon offered me cash and credit card for a trip IN MY DREAMS.
Irony or plain reality ??
Had my requirements changed ? That I just need a filthy rich provider in terms of $$?
Aww.. It must be all the stress of my house, my trips and plans of getting new car.
Anyway, man of my dreams did some really smooth dance moves and sang for me in the dream. Winking at me from the dance floor. That melted me away too. Well, may be other than being realistic or even materialistic, I still have the romantic streak in me. :Þ

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