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Thursday, March 30, 2006
All Girls Outing- 25-26 March 2006
This is one fine weekend when four girls embark on a journey to an unexplored paradise at far faraway land…..

We went to……. Port Dickson ( haha.. got some suspense leh?). The paradise ? Avillion. That is true paradise….

Started the day quite well, except Lorena was abit pik chik becasuse of something we did not do when we should have done and said things that we should not have said.. hahaha. But FY and I survived the journey with threats of having to walk or take bus to PD. :P

Managed to get to our first stop without much hassle (I think that is why we were still on the car… hahaha) Lukut Ah Kau LA JA MIEN !!! (Means Dirty mee by this Ah Kau.. )

It is a bowl of soup with everything inside, prawn la, fishball la, fish la, vege la, meat la, meat ball la etc… Then, we side-ordered some dried mee and fried mee to go with it. It was homemade mee. Mee was so –so.. The main soup was very homely type of soup. Nothing to shout about but we still enjoyed the meal.

Reached our paradise at about 2pm.Immediately we started off with our shooting spree. Praise those who invented digital cameras !! Everything under the sun did not escaped our camera lens. The pool, the sea, the sunbathing ang mohs (sorry no nude ones), the hotel building. the hotel landscape, uncle playing kompang, the plants, our portraits, our feet, the bed, the bathtub, bath area, sink, toilet bowl… (oh.. I think we missed that one )… Anyway, there were always pictures taken in between our activities (4 cameras, 500+ photos- 2D1N stay)

Anyway, we hang out in the room and then went for a dip in the Jacuzzi area; squeezing with some aunty in that small area. Kiasu mah…
After hair spa treatment in the sauna/ steam and 1 hour of getting ready, we were off to enjoy our sumptuous seafood dinner. Crabs, prawns, bamboo clams (BIG FAT ONES)…man!!

I came back with a headache, sprained foot- don’t ask me how I sprained it. I don’t know. I was just walking and may be I ‘landed’ wrongly. So, I was dozing off while our dearest Lorena and FY were slogging off in the bath room peeling grapes. I think we had 1 Kg of grapes? Man, bless them!

Well, it was about 12.45 am, when four of us, in our identical Siemens Run T-shirt (me still with a bit of headache and very much sprained foot), took a walk to the beach and had beer. What were we doing there? I don’t know actually, I think I was too high or blur. Other than girls’ talk, FY was doing her Tai chi; Lorena, Soo and I were drinking beer and taking photos of our shadows… Anyway, that got Soo and Lorena satisfied and we called it a night.

Next morning... to hell our swimming plans or Lorena's 7am beach jog! We slept till 11 am that was also because our early bird Lorena woke us up. Having a cuppa coffee and bread (Thanks FY…) on the deck with sea view was just mmmmm… relaxing…

Anyway, my short concentration span is running low d. I will conclude this entry…

We tried sirih for the first time (at least for me). Spitting out the sirih was the best part of the whole thing. I couldn't enjoy the taste and it stays in the mouth for sometime. Hopefully, i got whiter teeth now.. All of us did tried except for Lorena- so I guess that earned her the title Miss Most Unadventurous. Haha

Then, we all tried playing the Malay instruments too.. :) Not out of curiosity, but just to take photos..

Most of all we have a new Piggy Queen. FY stepped down and passed the title to our Miss Piggy Queen Year 06/07…. It is… (drumroll please …) SOO !!!!!!!!
Well, her performance did impressed all of us. The decision was unanimous and quick.

Anyway, we ended our trip with another round of beer. Ooops becoming alcoholic !

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