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Friday, June 09, 2006
I also kena World Cup Fever !!


Just that I thought that if I skipped all the newspaper articles, adverts, go to the bathroom when the World Cup commercials are on, I am safe !!!
But NO !! The virus seeped into my river through Zhou Gong (Grandpa Zhou ==cantonese word that is associated to sleep/ dreamland).

Aii… blur blur.. I can remember is that I was in a car. I think my bf’s one. Then I saw AlvintheSaw coming by with a Brazil logo paint on his face. Waaah.. damn nice leh!.. So Cooooooooool leh.. Then he show me his car sticker. Green green one with a dash of yellow… Also, Dominic also came with his car sticker.. So IN man !!

So I was thinking, wahh so nice. I also want to get one for my bf. So, AlvintheSaw, Dominic and also Sharon took me to go shopping. I can still remember clearly we walked pass some bazaar and then came to this lone stall at a parking lot.

So, this stall is manned by two young men who is soooo talented in computer graphics and the customers can choose any logo so that they will design and print on their merchandise.

So there.. I asked them what choices they have for car stickers. This young man with mop head attended to me.

Examples of MOP HEAD.(Photo- curi one also)

He asked me to list down the countries logo that I want. Ok.. luckily few nights before I had a crash course with my bf. So, I named…

  • Brazil ( Other than Bechkam, I know Ronaldo also OKIEE ???)
  • France (Coz they won the World Cup before)
  • Argentina (Coz they also won the World Cup before)
  • Italy (Did Italy won any World Cup before ? I dunno, I mentioned coz I wanna go Italy !!)

No. I didn’t name England. I only like David Bechkam for his body not his football skill. Yeah. It is plain lust.

Anyway, that mop head gave me a book. Yes, book, not catalogue. Which I flip flip also cannot find anything relevant. Some part is this blond girl and her biography. Huh ???
Then, I found some small samples.. So, I was asking AlvintheSaw his opinion, then, the mop head said.. “Miss, this one is umbrella’s logo design.”
DUH !!!!
Umbrella? Hmm.. guys are so macho, rain cats and dogs also won’t take umbrella. You make it a football merchandise ???!!
Hmm. Come to think about it. May be it is a good idea. With the increasing number of female fans. And may be printing the football stuff on umbrella will ‘macho-nized’ ( Yeah baby, new word invented. Check it out!) the whole idea of man carrying umbrella. Not bad! Not bad! Ok. I am patenting this idea! Hands off !!

Alright, back to my dream. Then I saw this Argentina’s logo design- silver background and navy blue. Eh, really got ah? I don’t know why I dream like that.
But I mid-life crisis, I want colours that are LOUD. Flamboyant. So, I said no.

Standing there for sometime, I also sien d. It is a miracle that Sharon was not breathing down my neck asking me to hurry up. You know her lar…. She never say anything. But, in my dream, I also feel tension. So I just chose the Brazil design.

But, it came out something like the Sony Ericsson design. So sien. So boring. Not so gaya as AlvintheSaw’s one. That mop head no quality control one !!

I also dreamt of Soo and Nzr. Cannot remember much just that I show off to them my car sticker. But my bf said ok only. Sien.

YA!! He said ok. Just like that!!! I wasted at least 30 mins of rest for my brain and he said ok. And it is just ok.. not like OK !

I hate football.
I detest World Cup.
I am going to Germany. At least they have World Cup free zone.

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  • At 3:55 PM, Anonymous sharon said…

    what you mean by me breathing down ur neck...
    when did I ever do that???

  • At 4:17 PM, Blogger sming said…

    Oopss.. hehehe
    ok lar. din know our tai kar jeh read my blog. :P
    who the 2 5 chai ? who ??

    anyway, to be fair. Sharon never breathe down my neck. She sayang me... Other ppl I dunno lar! Hehehe
    ---> now I cari pasal

  • At 4:51 PM, Blogger AlvinTheSaw said…

    this fella always think nonsense that y dream also cacat a bit :D

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