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Friday, June 02, 2006
Would you walk that path??
Was chatting with a friend, sort of touched this topic. Just remind me of a passage in my life.
Have you all ever met someone who you are just just just just so attracted to yet you know that the relationship will never ever ever ever go any where?

Of coz this does not include that when you both started a relationship but then realize you can no longer continue and then call it quits.
It is more of before anything started, you already know he/ she is not the one for you.
It happened to me- not just once but at least twice I think. I didn't bother to count. Coz sometimes I just play a role as secret admirer – better- no need to bear any responsibility maaa.. hehehe

Anyway, there are some really serious ones. That me with my oh-so-sane-mind, still cannot push the person out of my thoughts. Miss him, want to see him, want to hear his voice. Staring at my mobile blankly- checking it for messages or miss call every 5 mins. Bodoh right ?
I don't know. May be that is how it goes when your heart flutters for that person. Unexplained.

Many a times the other main character in the drama was actually interested – or very interested to walk into my life. Or I should say to say jump in to my river. (I am not bragging!! It is true !! **with my most innocent look)

And it sort of made me sad; that two individuals – in this big big world.. Lady Fate actually arranged us to meet each other, get to know each other and then be attracted to each other but yet we cannot bring the special relationship to another level. Because of certain reasons..

There were many times I almost relented, following my feelings. But, always, there was something in me that held me back.
Looking back now. I know I made the right decisions. And we are still enable to maintain a healthy relationship. The strong feeling has passed. It was just very very strong infatuation, crush.

But, once in awhile, I would think of them. And a very funny feeling will occur; sweet memories, sad, feeling sorry that things didn't manage to bloom...

This is something I wrote at one point when the feelings for a guy was really strong. FYI, I know some of you KPC one.. I didn't walk the path.. Even though at some point of time, I almost did.

And this is part of the lyrics of Jane Arden’s Insensitive - which I really like the lyrics. Very got FEEEEEEL..

This model Travis lagi got feeel right.. so damn leng chai.. Those eyes... Look at that body, man !!!!!**Blushing.. Heart thumping..

Ps.Both photos I curi from somewhere one. I admit that. I don't know about copy right issues. But nothing commercial here.. so let it be !

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  • At 5:53 PM, Blogger Patrick said…

    Ngkhmmm..! some KPC ask me to ask you.. who are THEM? hehehe... dont throw your shoe to us anymore lah! ur shoe left no more d...

  • At 5:58 PM, Blogger sming said…

    aii.. tell that KPC to talk to me directly.. but since it is you who ask.. i will answer...

    Them mar ppl who I am just just just just so attracted to yet I never start the relationship(s) coz I got the feeling that the relationship will never ever ever ever go any where lohhhh

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