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Monday, June 12, 2006
When 56 meets 50..
I was over at my relative's house when I openly eavesdrop a conversation between a 56 yr old and a 50 yr old. In short, aunties lor.
Hehe.. It just sort of make me imagine life as a going-to-be senior citizen.
  • Maids - Maids with attitude. Problematic maids. Runaway maids. You all still want maids ?
  • Social updates a.k.a. social gossips- "This aunty bought a U-zap.. aiyo... no use want lar. Nothing beats hard work-do sit up !!!" Whose daughter gave birth d lar.. whose son like potato lar.. That friend found out the daugther is lesbian lar.. brought the girlfriend home lar ...blah blah bleh bleh... O-<-<
  • Jewellary- Diamonds to be exact. Who is wearing what lar? The 1 carat diamond kena stolen but luckily fake one lar. Who got cancer then recover d, pay a big sum to get one whole set of diamond lar. Like compensation from GOD...One filthy rich friend said, "I wear this set of diamondS (note the 's', it's plural !!), who dare to say it is fake?" Cakap besar-nya. But what makes me ponder more is what the 50 year old said: " I wear diamonds because of the beauty. It doesn't need to be so expensive. Why let the advertisements put the prize in our head? " Good point, but...
  • Fengshui- "That old man ah.. so many fish tanks in the house.. I told him too much water already, might be drowning the family!!" " Eh eh.. no need to move the house mat !! The house mat is purposely senget so that the main door is facing the best direction of our kua number." Err. okie. I am reading a Fengshui book now. To understand the whole thing.. hehehe
  • Children- Nah!! Not talking about diapers or milk powder. Gone were the days when the topic was universities. Aii... Childern's work lor. Then the boyfriends lor. The eldest daughter getting married .. the plans.. the second daughter gotta wait after the big sis lor.. blah blah...

Then the voices trailed off....Even though my eyes are on the TV, I can feel the attention turning towards my direction with bad vibration!!

Sei-lor !!

I faster jump up and went to the bathroom. Wash hand , comb hair.. wash face.. wash hand, comb hair.. After 15 mins, I went out again. Ahhh.. that two aunties now talking about family pets.

hehehe. okie lar, manage to escape Round 1. Whew !!!

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