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Saturday, March 15, 2008
37 weeks
Went to see the gynae today.

Weekly visit.

Everything is ok and normal. Still no idea when will baby be ready to come out.

He said by the time baby is born would be about 7 pounds plus. 3.2 to 3.4 kg.

Ah doi besar-nya !!! He said slightly big for my size.

My stomach is relatively small but baby besar. Ah ler.. No wonder I so san fu lar.

He said tahan few more weeks lar. But, once have the symptoms then be admitted to hospital.

I stare at him. Few more weeks........*blink*

Sleepless nights, contractions, visits to the loo in the middle night, heavy sack in my stomach, surpressing my durian craving(it is in season again !!!!)............

I can imagine that I would be sounding just like my mother...

" I carried you for 10 months suffering, and now you do such ungrateful stuff!!"

Geez, I can tell the future d

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  • At 5:40 PM, Blogger ctchia said…

    i am also thinking of continue writing my blog.. to save those memory to become mother and keeping a record of how the baby growing up.. its really such an amazing feeling when the baby is moving inside our womb..i seldom talk to him but sometime i will sing song to him...we have one more week to reach 40 weeks... have no idea what to do besides waiting.......

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