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Saturday, March 29, 2008
39 weeks and still pregnant !
Still bloated, still 2 in 1..
Probably mostly those who are pregnant before will understand y I am so anxious to be released of this excess baggage.
I couldn't comprehend why a friend was looking forward to giving birth last time. Isn't that bundle in your tummy that probably kick you once in a while much better than that kicking, wailing one that always need change of soiled nappies ??

Nah !! You rather hold the baby in your arms now.. Let her wail, let her scream your ears deaf, let her always be needing a feed, needing to be held!!!
But not the backache, walking with a hunched back due to the weight, bloated hands and legs, cramps, sleepless night, increasing 1kg in a week and that sudden pain in your tummy, lower abdomen !!

But I am still not ready, or I should say baby is not ready. Doctor say most probably I would be overdue due to my cervix has not dilated or even ripen. Oh well..
How long should we wait before we opt for inducing labour?
The pros and cons .. the risks.
A decision that involves a life. One that I have carried in me for 9 months. One that I have bonded with. One that my other half who proudly awaits to hold in his arms..

Anyway, if she is not ready, she is not. Guess I have to live with the 'suffering' for another week or so. After all, due date is still 4 days away.. Relax...

A friend who is due a day after me have given birth this morning. :) Healthy baby boy... Am so happy for her and her husband !! As a once-reluctant mother but now a eager one, I can feel their immense joy of being parents !!
Congrates Chia and O Jin !!!
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  • At 9:43 PM, Blogger ikanbilis said…

    i haven't been here like forever so this is good news!


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