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Thursday, April 27, 2006
Model album out from the oven- Finally !!
Yes ! After that almost 500 years of wait.. finally, my album is out !!
Actually not much mood to write about it today. May be PMS.. anyway. I gotta be responsible to my readers maaaaa ( Cheh waa, like some best selling writer pulak)
Ok.. in a nutshell, I am satisfied. I can still find some faults but aii.. close one eye.. also happier lar me. I did one mistake of choosing one of the photos. And ppl tell me I look matured and not so nice in that photo. That is my only regret.
Still recall my colleague's comment.
Him: "Hmmm.. very beautiful... waaaa"
Me: ** Smirk
Him: "Waaaa.. so nice.. the smile so sweet hoh.. "
Me: ** Smirk somemore
Him:"But, look so different from you. The Sming in the photo much much much more beautiful!!"
Immediately the curve on my lips went the other way round !
Sien. Means I am not beautiful without the make up lar! Means that I must always ICI my face lar !!
I know that is the truth.. but no need to tell the truth and only the truth one maa.. This is not making police statement what.
Lie abit won't die lar. :@
*sulk *sulk *sulk *sulk *sulk *sulk *sulk *sulk
Anyway, don't care lar. I keep for few more decades, my grandchildren wouldn't know the 'truth'. They will just go and tell their friends that 'my ah ma is sui cha bor!!!!!'
Ha ha ha !!
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  • At 12:03 PM, Blogger Johnson said…

    Wat do u expect ppl to say.. ? u look the same.. ?
    Of cos have to look nicer and different lar..
    they say u diff
    meaning u can be as pretty as the photo..
    Or are u actually pretty with out makeup maybe naturally pretty?

    Without makeup maybe look innocent, jolly and cute?
    With makeup make u elegent, class or professional?

    so there is 2 type of nice/pretty..
    so u should be happy that u are pretty in both type

    maybe ur kids might say both is nice and pretty.

  • At 3:38 PM, Blogger sming said…

    haha. Thanks Johnson. That is a positive way to look at it huh !

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