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Wednesday, June 21, 2006
20060616- 23 Hong Kong
Yes !! ***Fist pumping !!
Finally, my river had flowed through Hong Kong!! It has been my unfulfilled desire since 2003 (or was it 2002?). Aii.. SARS that time lar. Already booked my trip then gotta cancel one lar.
Anyway, yay !! That's me in Hong Kong.. :Þ Check out the banner. It is soooo ME.. In case you can't read. It says
I am serious. I am fun. I am many things. I am ME.
ps. Wanna know why it is call MOTOMING instead of MOTOROLA there ? hehhe.. Coz the owner will Mou tak lou la. hahahahaaha !!
This is the first trip that I actually flew so far on my own. You know... go KLIA alone, board plane alone, go through customs alone..go hotel alone... yeah, no big deal. But, just a note. Also, almost 50% of the time, I was travelling alone. This is not the first time I do that in a new city (ie. Hadyai, ShangHai, Tokyo) but my 'alone' trips were at most half day. This time about 4 whole days I am all alone. And, I kinda enjoy travelling alone..
You know, I can go and leave whenever I like; I can eat watever and whenever I want; I can hunt for souveniers for how long as I can; if I make a mistake like catching the wrong bus, I don't need to feel bad.. etc. etc. Hehehe. The only hassle is when I want to be inside the photos.So far, people are quite obliging; just that their skills and frame- capturing may not be what I want. I tried setting up my tripod; press the shuttle, run into position, wait.. and when the red light start blinking.. SMILE !! It works but it does look silly. Once an ang mo lau yee actually laugh at me.. Teeaiyou lar !! Never offer to help somemore laugh. Cheh !
Anyway, let me start on my trip.
My Mini Adventures
  • I almost got deported to Chennai!! hahaha... See the photo. It is gate 32, seat 33E. But I went to gate 33 and did not even notice why got so many ah nei nei. Ai yo, luckily the ah nei on duty seng muk, else habis la aku. So pai seh hoh.. no more morning flights for me.
  • Another one was when I was at Ocean Park. Got on the ferris wheel. One round, wahh.. view very nice. Second round, take photos of myself- big head photos. Third round, got announcement that there is a technical problem !!! >_< Aiyo.. First thing come to my mind is the scene from Final Destination 2.. or whatever show. Like the gondala will spin super fast like the Roadrunners leg and then the gondolas all fily all over...Luckily I was not at the top. Later fall down.. sei mou chun xi lor.. Somemore I was ALL ALONE in the gondola. Luckily, your friend here manage to keep calm and continue to take photos. But they were quite efficient, I was 'released' in about 10 mins. Whew !!
  • The turbo drop at Ocean park. Scary boh ? I went for it twice !! And it was not as scary as I thought it would be. Hmm... guess I need more to satisfy my hunger for thrills d!!

My Movie Star Encounter

Tadaa !! This is whom I met.

No lar. Pian ni de lar. Bluff you one lar.This is a wax figure outside Madam Tussauds Wax Museum at Victoria Peak. The real movie star I met was also there.. It is no other than PAK LEUNG KAM !!!

LOL. Of all movie stars hoh... I think I read too much of Wingz blog d. Until go HK also see him.. But he is very nice. He stopped and take photographs with everyone. If I were with friends, I would take photo with him too.. Aii.. Anyway, his son/ daughter(I don't know - face very pretty and too young to check for breasts or adam's apple) luckily not like him. Very sweet looking too.. Must be the wife very beautiful or adopted one ( so bad hoh me)... Anyway, see, they two wear identical outfit. Buoy tahan !!

Ohh.. I paid my last respects for Anita Mui in Lantau Island( the big buddha there). Not really an encounter, else I sure pengsan. But, it is sad. Aii.. :(

View of Hong Kong through my River


You either love them or hate them. They can be really helpful and nice; and some of them are plain rude. Very impatient people and their pace are really fast. And they are everywhere !!!! It is normal that they bump into you on the streets. Don't bother to wait for a sorry.


Shopping heaven ! They have lots of brands that are unheard of in Malaysia. Paul & Shark, Brook Brothers, Harvey something, Alberta blibleh, and much much much more lar. I cannot remember. All super expensive. People line up to go in Gucci to shop. Man!! Luis Vuitton, Fendi, D&G is EVERYWHERE !! Really, if you have the money, go there and shop man !I can only do window shopping. But, since my aunty wanted up market stuff, so I just go and open my eyes la..

Standard of Living

SUPER HIGH!! Man. Imagine a RM 1K blouse hanging on the rack in a departmental store like how we hang up SEED clothing ? And there is even one mobile phone or PDA phone that was going for RM20K!! Man !!! How can these people be so rich ? Smuggle drugs ah ?

My friend in Hong Kong enlightened me. A fresh grad in engineering roughly earns 2.5K ( in Penang lar) a month. In HK, they get RM 5K as fresh grad. Fuuu yoh !! That is why Luis Vuitton can be anywhere in Hong Kong. They have the demand..

But, not all are rich. The contrast is there. The poorer part of Hong Kong is quite bad too. Not very pretty. Pigeon holes and stuff.. Oh well..

Space Management

Other than efficient, I can't think of any other words. Buildings are built so near to each other, I think neighbours can just pass soya sauce from window Block A to window Block B. And so many high rise buildings. It is just like an Amazon of concrete jungle!! In restaurants, all the seats are so near to each other and you are expected to sit with strangers anytime. Ie. my friend and I was sitting on a table which is a four seater. The waitress will just direct the other couple to sit on the same table with us. No question asked. No complaints heeded.


Transportation in Hong Kong is really well developed. The buses, MTRs, tram, ferries are all frequent and on time. And basically, the whole area is all connected. No problem! Few people drive and there are no motorcycles... And all MTRs station are connected, within walking distance and there is no need of exiting the stations. Just remind me of how inconvenient it is to interchange in Malaysia. :(

And the bus drivers, taxi drivers do not rush through red light. That is one thing I notice. They follow the traffic rules and does allow pedestrians to cross first even though the light had changed to green for them..

The Octopus Card

And what I love best is their Octopus card. It is a value store card and can be used for all transportation means. Isn't it cool ? The best is it can be used in supermarkets, boutiques, McD and best is it can be used to buy movie tickets ( they have a kiosk for it!!) Why can't we have it here in Malaysia ? Instead of one KL Monorail system, one Star LRT one, Putra LRT, oneTouch n Go, one Fastrak, one SmartTag bla bla.. We can always name it Kad Sotong.. or Kad Lapan Tangan !! What is Octopus in Malay ??


This is one thing I really like about Hong Kong. With a person of small bladder, I am always looking out for WCs. The WCs are all very clean. Doesn't matter if you are in a hotel, shopping mall, normal restuarant,expensive restaurant, MTR station or tourist spots, they are all CLEAN !!! And you don't need to pay to use the WCs !! Only thing I noticed that is really funny and weird...Was at the Citibank building, each wc cubicle is actually confined for patrons of certain restaurants. Imagine in Midvalley washrooms, this cubicle is for McD patrons only, this one for Sushi King that one Pizza Hut.. the same goes for the wash basins.. Huh?!! I also cannot comprehend. Do people really care ???


I spent a day in Macau. Hmm.. Remember to bring your passport over if you cross over from Hong Kong. Almost forgot.. hehehe. Anyway, Macau is a busy busy little town. Sight seeing is limited. I only found the Ruins of St Paul interesting. Actually that is the only reason I went there. I don't gamble. So the casinos had no effect on me. The other thing is they have plenty of bakery. Dried meat, almond cookes, egg rolls, portugese egg tart (YUMMY!!)....

And the people there are much much much better than the Hong Kees. They are helpful and friendly. As compared to Malaysians, they respect pedestrian crossings!!

Not much cars in Macau, other than buses, many of them travel around with scooters.

Anyway, as a end note. HongKong is very CITY. But, I definitely go back for the shopping and FOOD !! Mmmmm...

Feedback appreciated....

Just wanna check out, please do a kind deed to let me know which type of travel updates you all prefer.

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posted by sming @ 11:05 PM  
  • At 4:20 PM, Anonymous ah_loong_siu said…

    WC - i thought world cup lah.. so come back to KL very happy hoh... life here is sooooo much better than HK

  • At 4:34 PM, Blogger Wingz said…

    u mean u go tour all by yourself har?? nice meh lidat???

    you meet my aujoeng!!! u got tell him he very fehmes in msia anot?!! lol

  • At 4:43 PM, Blogger sming said…

    No lar. I KPC follow my mom and aunty. They wanna do shopping only.. so I go sight seeing myself lor.
    Pros and Cons.

    Yeah !! I met him !!!! no worr.. i look from far far only.

  • At 4:46 PM, Blogger AlvinTheSaw said…

    I prefer this... easy to read and not hat "cheong hei"

    btw... KPC also cost u alot... :P

  • At 3:21 PM, Blogger 5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said…

    Hahaha, I pat phor go tell Wingz but baru realised he already knew. Eh, pat leong kum's daughter (i think lah) so pretty hor? Like one of the actress, anita yuen?

  • At 3:38 PM, Blogger sming said…

    heheh.. Wingz was the first one I went and 'show off'to.
    Yeah.. very sweet looking. But my fren said it is a boy. I think Wingz should know.. His aujoeng mar. :P

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