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Tuesday, September 05, 2006
FOOOOOD in Hadyai
Sawadee kaaaap !!
First meal. Brunch. Was ravenous. Well, we all were !! The very 'helpful' agent where we bought the return bus ticket brought us to a shop he claimed was cheap and nice. We din have time to choose...Waaaa... smell so nice like that. Finish d only realised, we went all the way to Hadyai and had SINGAPORE BAK KUT TEH !! Pengsan

My Bf ordered teh-si.. And this is how they served the drink. :P

I had my pork leg rice.. and an iced milo. All came up to RM 17.00 !! So expensive.. Just arrived also kena cut throat d. Next time dun believe in multi-dialect-super-friendly-tourist-agents !!!!!!!!

Road side 'Delicacy'

This is all over the place. Also some fried BIG fat chicken thighs... Smoked cuttle fish and stuff.. See the little chicks.. withthe small chicken feet. Geli hoh.. even though I eat chicken feet one also I geli.....

Birdnest is everywhere.. RM 10-30. I had one on second night. RM 20 one.. mediocre range. eat d face wat wat luit luit.. bak bak shuit shuit.. :P

Dinner- First Night

Suckling Pig !!! For RM 80 only..

From this become this then become this

Then become...... the empty plate I forgot to take. :P

And this is one of the best Pineapple Fried Rice I even had since I was 12 years old (had it in Bangkok). Who ever know got nice superb PFR in KL pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee let me know !!

Breakfast- second day

Some flat flat noodle with wan tan, with fish ball.. with also duno what all inside it.. A bit funny..But at least not exorbitant !!

Lunch we had some sa hor fan thingy in a shop. They use coal one. Not gas. Nicer ah ? I don't know .. taste the same. I was feeling lucky that I am still alive after the massage. :P

Dinner- second day

We went up to a 'hill top' restaurant. Overlooking the entire Hadyai, which was kinda flat. Caught a glimpse of sunset there. It was already setting d. Nice. Also manage to see some fireworks. I din bring my tripod.. so the photos din come out really well.

The restaurant name is called Bon Khao Restaurant. Overall the food is ok there. But nice environment lor. Not too expensive though---> Malaysian standard la.

This is one of the nice dishes I like during the trip.. Kerabu.. Yummy!!! But got cili padi.. I kena twice...errgh !!

Other than that we had some other stuff like tom yam etc.. like that lor. But you all must see this fish we ordered. Cannot see anything also.. Macam the fish already drowned in all the sauce. HAHAHA

Breakfast- Last Day

Nothing special. But this is really funny. How they serve the garlic and chilli.. So ORIGINAL hoh... :P

Then we had McD.. Heheh.. HAVE to.. Got pork one. :P Din take photo. Coz I am afraid my bf and frens will whack me. Coz everytime a dish is served and just when they want to take the food. I would be going " EH !!! EH !! wait.......... I want to take photo first..... !!"


posted by sming @ 3:48 PM  
  • At 8:02 PM, Blogger Nine3 Nine 3 said…

    The steam Fish you all had is the Hadyai signature dish, so is the Pork Leg.....feeling hungry after seeing your pic

  • At 9:24 AM, Blogger nyonyapenang said…

    aiyah, early morning see your post, boh sim cho kang liao la. thinking about food oni now. LOL

  • At 9:36 AM, Blogger sming said…

    nine3 nine3, the drowned fish is the signature dish ? Oh.. I din know. :P
    Ya.. the pork leg is nice.. Had pork every meal... Now feeling very tak halal. :P

    nyonyapenang, hehehe.. had ur breakfast d boh ?? I am still thinking about my pineapple fried rice, kerabu and birdnest.. Aii.. Should have taken one more bowl.. :P

  • At 11:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wah.. everything look so delicious...

    have to plan a trip to go ler..
    nice food..
    good show..
    nice senery..
    pretty chicks..
    cheap massage..

    wat more can u ask for :)

    i bet ur bangkok trip will be more of everything :)


  • At 12:51 PM, Blogger Las montañas said…

    wow i love the chilli!

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