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Friday, August 11, 2006
Rancangan Tergendala ~Harap Maaf~
Hehehe... As if I have been posting everyday huh....
Anyway, I am off for a short trip.. So would not be blogging for a week... But, stay tuned for trip updates.. :P
Am I excited? I don't know. I think I was. Until what happened last nite. My phone call to Sue that goes somthing like this.

Me: Hello....
Sue: What wind blow you here ?
Me: Air Asia.
Sue: HAR ?? What happened ?? Don't scare me aaaaaaaa...
Me: **terkejut also** Eh eh.. Nothing la.. Aii. Just wanna ask you to confirm the flight schedule for next Monday. Coz now we changed terminal d. From KLIA to LCCT. My fren ask me to confirm schedule worr...
Sue: ohhh.. I thought what happened.. okok. I'll call tomorrow.
Me: ok thanks...
~~~continue with other stuff like my 168.... her new house.. for like 5mins~~~
Me: So when you sending your mom back to home town?
Sue: This Sunday afternoon.
Me: Oh she is not staying till Monday ?
Sue: No lar. We are going off ma..
Me: Where are you all going ?
Sue: Eh.. what you talking ? You forgot about our trip ???
Me: Oops.......

Hahahaa!! How can it slipped out of my mind? This has been THE place I wanted to go since so long ago.(ok, it is one of THE places...hehehe).
Where have the excitement gone ?
This trip have been planned since last year. May be the excitement have worned off....

Anyway, let's hope we have a good one. :)
Don't miss me ah..

ps. Jewellary fair is this weekend. :P
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