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Monday, September 04, 2006
Merdeka - Anniversary Celebration at Hadyai
Getting to Hadyai
Due to last minute planning and budget constraint, we decided to take a bus to Hadyai. RM 50 due to peak period. Hours to reach there? Terrible. 12 hours. Yah... o-<-<
5 hours spent on waiting at the borders. Our bus departed Puduraya at about 11.20pm. I count down to Merdeka with Zhau Gong on the bus. :P
Reach the border about 5.15 am. Wait wait wait for the people there to fill up few columns on our entry card then depart about 7 am. I also don't understand the system. We could have done it ourselves !!
Then stopped for like half an hour at the ZON duty free shop. Then we were stuck at the Thai border for like 1.5 hours. I don't know ler. I was dozing off. Which was good, kill time.
Reach Hadyai about 11am Malaysian time. Whew! What a trip.
Coming back was ok. Left Hadyai at 1pm Malaysian time, reach Puduraya 9pm. :)
Recommend to take Konsortium bus. Faster. We went with Sri Maju. Slow-nya !!!
What did we do there ?
Massage !!
During this 2.5 days trip, we went for massage TWICE. They have strong hands.. mmmm.. strong.. Nice !And it was RM 24 for two hours !!
Cheap leh.. If that is cheap, wait till you hear about the second day massage.. It was RM 20 for two hours !! Ooooo.... Good leh..
But the second day massage lady was stronger, she was walking all over me. Crushing me with her thighs while 'massaging' my back.. I tot I was dying.. What was the word I learnt from CSI ? Asphyxia.. That is the word.. Aii...
My friends then ask me why I never asked her to stop.. I want to 'ei ei' also cannot ler.. My mouth pushed down to the pillow.. Breathe also cannot lagi want to ask her to stop ... Hahaha.. Then she bent me in all sorts of position.. Whew... scary..
ps. We went to Siam Center Hotel and Sakura Grand Hotel
Shopping!! Beer!! Food !!
Did some shopping. Go there also got Merdeka sale.hehe ! Shows that Malaysian tourists really contribute alot to Hadyai's economy. Just did abit of shopping. But that is all we can do. The guys was like going in and out 7-11 for beer. Cheap.. Almost 50% off.. So they were like downing 3-4 cans/bottle a day. Haha..
It is kinda funny that beer or liquor is for sale only at a certain period of time.
11am - 2pm and then 5pm till 12 midnight. Other time, they lock the alcohol cooler door. Hmm.. Interesting huh !!
Other than that, eat lor... Not really superb but I had really yummy pineapple fried rice ( cannot find in Malaysia so far). N one kerabu salad.. Yummy !!
Will post another entry on food later. :)
Sexy girl Show
See.. this is it. This photo really very difficult to get. I got 'scolded' by this manly woman for taking photo. She was like saying the police will catch me la. Got video camera catching me red handed taking the photo la.. Gotta delete the photo. Bla bla !
Wa.. want to intidimate me ah? So I retorted that she did not even put a do not take photos sign. And what is so secretive about this ler !!!! She toned down abit but still mumbling. I bluffed her that I am deleting but she din want to look at my camera. So I din delete ler. haha. Anyway, i took this photo because it was really funny, it says.
Tiger show. Got make love.
We went for it but not for the "love making part"- more for the experience. Was quite boring. The intercourse part was boring and I find it really sad for them. To do something so intimate, live, in front of so many people. :(
Anyway, there is no tiger ler. I think they meant Thai girls.
Then there were dances, where the girls wear really sexy undies and start stripping.. I was sitting on the side. Din get a good view. Anyway, nothing much to see ler coz I also got ma. :P
Just go for the experience I would say. :)
People there are kinda rude i would say. Not as friendly and nice as the Cambodians. And are quite opportunists. The travel agents will haunt you once you stepped down from the bus. When they see single men, they will offer you 'special service'. Errm.. I also duno what to say la. I saw a group of young men calling for escort service. Then two ah pek also got. Geli... Aii..
Anyway, the massage parlour we went don't allow the girls to go to rooms for massage anymore. They also cannot go out with customers for dinner. That is better I think. Maintain some vice-less activity there.
Notorious Pink Lady. I din go in. But the guys told me you can choose the girls from an aquarium. The rooms are filled with mirrors. Errmm.. for performance review worr...
The people there do surprised me. They can speak Mandarin, Hokkien and Cantonese!!! Self learnt so that they can communicate with the tourists !! I do respect them. The Hokkien they speak puts me in shame, and the level of mandarin they can converse in also puts alot of chinese bananas in shame. Aii....
It was kinda funny to converse with non-chinese in our mother tongue. We were so used to speak to foreigners with English. At least I am.
Bad point. We cannot do our own talk. Unless we speak our Bahasa. However, there are Malays there too.. Ai yo yo..susah !
Mode of transport
This is their tuk tuk.. it is all over the place. :) Cheap. Easy to get around town. They also have motorbikes as 'taxi'. Just find those with vests. And see that the passenger is not required to wear helmet. (just behind the tuk tuk) Hmm..
If you plan to go to the hill for dinner (which we did) and visit the temples, better to get a van. Slightly more expensive but at least comfortable. Just hop in to one of the tour agent. Bargain abit ler.
Ok here are some pictures of things that are different from Malaysia...
<-FireHydrants.-> Post Box->
Construction method. See the timber used in between for support. In Malaysia, we use process wood. Here it is half processed wood, half timber. Interesting huh? i also din know. But I have one contractor, one housing developer with me on the trip, so I know lor !!! Hehehe..

Hmm.. That is all about Hadyai. For now. :)
posted by sming @ 10:50 AM  
  • At 3:16 PM, Blogger nyonyapenang said…

    buy more insurance before go for massage... asphyxia pulak! LOL
    summore got 'manly woman' - your description cukup funny.

  • At 4:55 PM, Blogger Patrick said…

    ya, Hadyai got 3 main street in town, an hour walk can finish de.. but it is a good expose there.. alot of cheap leader n food u can get there too..

    massage! cool! i miss the massage there!!! :P

  • At 7:58 PM, Blogger Nine3 Nine 3 said…

    Tiger Show did not show open coca cola bottle mei?

  • At 9:18 AM, Blogger sming said…

    nyonyapenang, hehe.. really one ler. :P thanks.
    Patrick, ya ya.. memang.
    nine3 nine3, no lorr. got insert cutters, shoot balloons.. that's all. My bf was waiting for the smoking one.. tak rak pun.. :(

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