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Saturday, April 29, 2006
Porky Feast @El Cerdo
28 April 2006
This is not the first time I have visited El Cerdo; a small restaurant that serves European dishes, specializing in pork. The chef himself is from Europe.

The first time I went there was sometime end of 2005 and I fell in love with the soup and the pork steak. I couldn’t get it out of my mind!! So, I gathered the makan-makan gang and we went for a feast- and it was a feast of pork!

There were 8 of us and we ordered a few dishes and they served us in portions so that we get to try a bit of everything. The menu had changed but the food is still superb!!

We started with this cute portion of soup. It was on the house. Thick and creamy with bits of bacon… slurpppp... We also ordered Weistburwatever German beer. Porky meals won’t be complete without beer man !!

Then we had a cold appetizer. It is a combination of hams- Blackforest ham (that is the one on the honey dew), Italian and Spanish ham. They are different in the way they are processed, cured and hang. Blackforest ham is a way in which the ham is prepared in a place from Germany- if I didn’t remember wrongly.. And again, if not mistaken the Italian ham is cured and then hang for 3 years. If not, then it is the Spanish Hehehe… Bunch of patient people huh !! Well, when the ham exposed to different environment and trees, they have different flavors. The chef was kind enough to explain each of it to us. J Talk about the knowledge in food. For me, I couldn’t remember much coz I was too busy tasting the ham!! Hahaha….

Next, we proceed to our main dish. The best of all!! Agreed unanimously by the gang. I think it is called pork shoulder steak. Or something like that…Anyway, this is my lost love. Waaa.. heaven to be able to taste it again… This one is served in portion- means we ordered two dishes and they portioned it to 8 servings. The grass-like strips are really nice- crunchy and tastes good! As for that part of pork steak … mmm… doesn’t smell like the normal pork we have. It smells differently and it is juicy and tender… ahh… I wiped my plate CLEAN! This is a MUST TRY!!

This one is the hot appetizer. Not sure if this is actually the correct sequence or they just forgot to serve this first… It is wrapped spicy pork strips. A Mexican dish. We gotta spread the green and red stuff on it before stuffing into the mouth. Green one is made of avocado and the red on is the normal thing we have for fajitas. It is another MUST TRY. Sorry, I cannot remember the name. Just tell them you want the Mexican popiah. Hehehe

Then now we have another Blackforest dish. This is wild boar. Those are some berries with preserved pear. Sweet- I am not used to it. But the meat is good!! It has some mushrooms with creamy sauce. And the bottom one is potato I think.. I just know stuffing the whole thing into my mouth is just…. Ahhh…

Ok… still more space in the stomach. Here comes the Hickory ribs served with mashed sweet potato and salad. This how big the serving is if you order per plate. You gotta forget about using the knife and forks. Not about table manners but how they really eat their ribs in Europe. It is an advice from the chef and Jason who also nagged by his European counterparts when he had his ribs with cutleries in Netherlands. This is more on the sweet side but juicy. Finger licking good!

We also have a serving of Butcher plate. It comes with 3 long sausages and some ham or meat. Sorry. No photo. Before I can remember to whip out my camera, the dish was wiped out. L But the meat with some fat was yummy with the mustard. I am not much of a sausage person or fat meat person. So, rating from me is mediocre.

Last but not least we have our Crispy Pork Knuckles. Serving is for two. Ahh.. downing my German beer and the pork knuckles completes the European meal. Anyway, pork knuckles are quite common here. So, unless you have a big gang to try different things or an unexplainable sudden crave for knuckles, you can give it a miss.

Ok.. main course finishto. Now … desserts!!!! Yeah!

Ahh. Pan cakes… with ice cream too !! Yummy.. The picture says it all.. Hot pancakes with cold not-too-sweet ice cream. God, I miss it now already.

Then this is some berry jelly with ice cream. Mm… ok lar.. It is like having ice cream with jam.

We then had some chocolate thingy- Thick sweet chocolate with pistachio ice cream. Also a piece of biscuit thingy and cream.. Too sweet for me.

Best was the first pancake and so we ordered a second plate! That says it all doesn’t it!

Overall, I had a really satisfying meal. And my boyfriend who doesn’t really fancy expensive food (he just like his cheeeena food like curry mee and chee cheong fan) also gave two thumbs up!!

Environment is beautiful and relaxing; nice interior. Service is really good. They even gave us free ice cream!

Ok. For those who really want to try out, here are the details.

The exterior of the restaurant can be deceiving. But it is a must try place.

Things to note:
1. For Tuesday- Friday dinner, order all your dishes before 6pm to get 30% off; from starters to desserts and even wine! We did rush for it and we saved about RM 200+ ler !!!
2. Parking- park at Radius International Hotel and then pass to them your parking ticket. They will then give you cash for the parking- so free parking!!
3. For birthday celebrations, they serve a complimentary slice of cake.
4. Make reservations!! It was full house on a Friday night.

Budget wise; expect to pay about RM 80.00 per person (normal price), for a decent meal at El Cerdo!
Till then, Enjoy !!!
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