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Monday, June 26, 2006
5 questions interview
The 5 questions interview game from 5xmom. Hehe.. I sendiri buttocks itchy want the interview one.. so here I go.
1) Name one occassion when you laughed till you get side splitting tummy ache.
Hehe. Seriously, I cannot remember. There are a flash of funny incidents/ jokes but very vague memories about them. So I guess that shows either I had not have a really good laugh lately or I have too many things to laugh at till none of it is special or significant. Hmm...
2) I think the World Cup is over-rated. Do you agree?
Yeah ! Super agree ! It IS over-rated. After all it is just a game. But this cup is causing me deprivation of Wah Lai Toi and sleep. Imagine bolting up in the night because the whole building is shaking with shrieks of GOAAAAL or moans like OOHHHH... I thought I got heart attack man !
3) You seems to be very philosophical. Like 'River of Life' Wuah, are you like that in person?
Philosophical ? I don't know ler. See, I know sure this 'interview' will lead me to some soul searching. I never see myself as philosophical. None of my friends said I am before. So I still duno. But for sure, I am a very sensual person.
hahahaha ! I just love to see people puking !
4) What's your favourite place on earth.
My bed. Actually my future bed. My condo is ready and I have ordered a bed long ago. It is DUNLOP PILLOW brand ( ahem high class leh) with cushions as the head rest or whatever you call it... Sure nice to laze on, guling here guling there like Bollywood movies.. Then read books or magazine before sleeping. Or watch TV ... Then can immediately go to sleep if watch or read till tired... Aaaaa.... lazy pig thinking of sleep only now...
5) You mentioned mid-life crisis. LOL. I thought you are my age. Ceh, like that how do you label me? Antique?
Very old but at least very valuable.
Just kidding lar.
I wanted to put mid-twenties but I am way over mid-twenties. Late-twenties I don't like. So I just exagerate lor.
Actually, I am trying very hard to adapt to the philosophy (hmm.. may be I AM philosophical) that age is just a number. Hehe.. Must be young at heart at whatever age.. v(^.^)v
Ok.. to keep the game flowing. Whoever also buttocks itchy, can drop a comment and I will also ask you the 5 questions. :P
posted by sming @ 5:27 PM  
  • At 7:12 PM, Blogger Sue said…

    well, the reason im dropping this msg is not coz i buttock itchy...see no one reply so i reply je....nothing to do now..hehe...

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