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Tuesday, June 27, 2006
Flirting with HK leng chai
Hehe.. Yeah. **Miang look
There is this really cute guy I saw at the customs when I was returning from Macau to Hong Kong.
Man!! He had a really tanned skin. Hmm.. I like. I hate fair guys. Pak cham kai ( steam chicken) like that. Sissy!!
He looks like this guy, Louis Koo. With a crew cut. Same nice tan... OOOOHHH
I was actually queueing at the line next to his. I was already staring at him d.. Wash eyes wash eyes.. Then this really pak cham kai, a real sissy, started a fight with the custom officer in the line that I am in. I think the officer took abit long to process. And the sissy guy thinks custom officer was like trying to discriminate him. **Roll eyes.
So, my aunty went to this leng chai's line.. oohhh.. I lagi happy lar. I fast fast went over lor. See.. we really got fate ler!!! But end up this leng chai's line took longer. Never mind. I get to look into his beautiful eyes..
This was our 'flirting' process.
Him: *Look at me
Me: *Blush.. and hand over my passport
Him: *Flip through my passport
Me: *Stare and drooling
Him: *Glance up and reconfirm with my picture
Me: *Blink blink and smile coyly
Him: *Chop on my passport...
Me: *Chin down and look up ...so that my face looks slimmer
Him: *Pass back the passport with me.
Me: Thank you...... ** with voice sweet like syrup
Itu la. Habis la. Finish d the flirting process..
Potong stim leh.. You think really got flirt meh ???
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  • At 3:51 PM, Blogger AlvinTheSaw said…

    huh...he did't ask u go to one dark room and strip meh???


  • At 4:01 PM, Blogger sming said…

    No lar.. He is zheng yan guan zi ok ???
    Dun corrupt my leng chai's image..

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