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Thursday, July 06, 2006
Marriage Proposals by Email ????!!!!!!!
This morning saw the ad on my Google adsense.
Catchy right ?
Yeah..for the guys- maybe the cun chick but for me- is the marriage proposal by email part.
So I mar click lar. Ooooooooh, actually it is a matrimonial service for a specific community at all over the world. I don't know how to call them. Hindus, Sikhs, Punjabis, Muslims .... May be the India Indians... ?
Can't help to notice the difference.
  • Normally we see is dating service. Meet new people. Get to know them. This one fast forward---> MARRIAGE service. ( I looked up matrimonial- it means something like marriage lor). First time, we hear the buzz: 'You've got MAIL!'. Second time, we hear wedding bells d.. Efficient man !
  • For us Chinese, when we choose a partner, Hokkien lar, Teochew lar, Hakka lar, Cantonese lar, Hainan lar, Fukchew lar..etc ... WHO cares ? Whack lar as long we like, right? I don't think Malays bother much. Ang mos lagi dun care. Here, in Malaysia, if talk about the muhibbah ones, lagi adventurous.Till some children also don't know how to explain what blood is running in them. They just say they are Malaysian lar.. Hehehe!!! But you see... these India Indians are so specific. The list goes on but I didn't screen capture all. (But the doctor quite cute, hoh?)
  • The family has the say!!! See. The family signed up the candidate and is going to marry her off !!! :O And, they are educated professionals ler !!! Got 'culture shock' or not?

Actually, I do know of some Malaysian Indians who are really particular of their 'sub-races'. My x is a chindian ler. First hand access to family gossips. One of the cases is that a mother actually disown her daughter because she, a Ceylonese, married a non-Ceylonese. The dad actually used his slipper to slap the girl when he found out. Man !!! Scary right ?

Imagine you come home and tell your Hokkien parents, " Mom, Dad. this is my boyfriend, Ah Beng. He is Hakka."

Then your dad take out his ka kiak and slap you and your mom take the broom to halau your ah Beng out of the house and lock you in your room.


Another case. My aunty actually has a India Indian staff. One fine day, he took long leave to go back to his kampung to get married. When he came back, my aunt asked him how it goes.

"Ok.. Yeaaverything is okayeaaa. Actualleeee, thareyar tuuo gurrrls who has yeaaa matching horoscope with meeaaa."

"Ohhh.. So how?"

"My mom chose the gurrrl she liked yeaaa."


Anyway, I think these shaadi ppl are really entrepreneurial ! Anyhow, give them a clap !!
Clap! Clap! Clap!
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