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Saturday, July 01, 2006
Yat Lou FATT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After two posts of negative stuff, let's have some positive, happy posts yeah!!!
It has been few weeks but not too late to blog about it.
My condo is ready and my unit number is.............
**drumroll please...
Tadaaaaaaa !!!
Cool leh !! When I bought it, my parcel number was B 16-3. I tot.. hey.. yat lou sang.. all the way LIVE.... still ok lar. But, when the developer sent me the mail. It states that DBKL has confirmed that my address would be B-16-8, xxxxxx,xxxx.....
All the way FATT CHOI man !!!
MUAHAHHAAHAHA !!. My fav number is 8 and I got it.. I am elated !!! I am exhilirated!! I am euphoric !! I am on CLOUD 9 !!!! ok.. I think you guys get it...:))))
Anyway, have done reporting the defects. My bf did the bulk of work 95% (clap clap clap).. Since he is from the contractor/developer/ renovation background, I think he is most qualified to do that. Thanks yeah love !!
All I did was take a marker pen and marked those that I wasn't so happy with.. Like a school teacher.. hehehhe.
( This hollow tile was found by my bf- see !! told you he is very PRO one :P)
Was not so happy.. Quite alot of defects hoh...We MUST do plaster ceiling coz we are at the top floor and it is not ceiling slabs. Ceiling boards.. And top floor is more prone to get water leaking ( the tangki on top maa). I only knew that after collecting my keys. Anyway, warn u guys. Don't repeat my mistake... But got 168.. ok laaaaaa..
Somemore it is PERIOD 8 house. See, my fengshui knowledge got improve abit.. Dun play play ah.... Later I talk to you all about flying stars.... I dun go sell chicken rice also can become fengshui si fu. I become SmingToo.. Barger, I earn BIG bucks by tell ppl where to put their aquarium then take the $$ and throw at you.
ok.. gotta cut the crap.. hehehe....before I go overboard....
Today, we went to check on the condo. Wanna see how many lighting points we have and to discuss on quotation of furnishing. The guys are already fixing the defects.. :D
Efficient yeah.. Happy about that. It looks better now.
Went through the quotation and stuff.. man.. all the little little things count. My tips to all: whatever you have budgeted for the renovation/ furnishing, please silently allocate more. Silently- is like you tell your contractor RM 20K but actually you have RM 30K spare..
Coz you never know.. small little little things will pop up.. and sikit sikit menjadi bukit !!!
Anyway, we are still within budget.. as at today......
** finger crossed!!!!
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