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Friday, July 14, 2006
Me and my Yoga Mat
I was thinking of getting a yoga mat for sometime. But, never went searching for it coz I don't really need it yet. Two weeks ago I saw this yoga mat going for RM 19.90 (with purchase of RM 30 products) at Watson's. At that moment I was in a rush and I wasn't sure if I really need it. So I left without buying it.
The next 2 days, my colleague got one mat from Tesco for RM 19.90. So, being kiasu I sent my bf to Tesco. But it was not available at the outlet he went.
Then my mind was off the whole matter for few days. Until I heard that the Watson's package IS a good buy with more colors and a bag for it. Now, the outlet nearby to our office is OUT OF STOCK.
I went to check out the outlet myself that evening. Out of stock. They say try again next week. Ok lor.. So last weekend I was busy with my own things.. 168.. Sleep.. Eat... Totally forgetting about it.
On Monday, another colleague "show off" her mat which she manage to grab from the Kajang outlet.
Then I went 'crazy'. I called my bf, sent him to DU to find my mat. Texted my fren at KLCC ask him to check if there is any stock. Went online to search for all the Watson's outlet to call if they have stocks. (But no one answered at any outlets, I wonder why they installed a phone in the store.. duh !)
That evening, I sort of dragged Sharon, Ben and Alvin to search for it at Sg. Wang. I even asked Sharon drive me to one of the nearby outlets even though Ben and Alvin was rushing for their movie. Yeah, I was so self centered. Sorry yeah, guys !!
Then I drove to Times Square to search for it. No stock. And Sharon was so sweet to search for me around PJ area. Thanks girl! But, still no stock.
The next day after my meeting at the other branch, I walked to KLCC to search for it. That evening, I went to ONE U again to search for it. Although, deep down I know my attempts would be in vain.
The mat was there when I first saw it, I did not buy it. But once I know it is going out of stock. I JUST have to HAVE it.
I was just short of driving all the way to Kajang for it. I was INSANELY OBSESSED.
It was just some crazy unexplained yearning of owning something that I don't really need.
Then it struck me. Have you all ever felt this way about some thing ? Or even someone ?
It is something you don't really need or don't really want. Then, suddenly, you can't seem to be able to have it. And you feel so bo gam luan and went searching high and low. that by all means, you MUST have it. And you don't even stop to think whether it is what you really want. You just want to have it. Even though, in the process of getting it, you may be bringing unnecessary trouble to yourself or worse, other people.
I am sure this is not something new to you. There has been numerous article about it. The fear of loss is stronger than the logical mind.
But, were you ever aware that you yourself are falling into that 'trap' ? The very own you set up?
And, I realised it just happened to me.
So, I sat down and knocked some sense into my head. Hey, I have not even signed up for an official yoga class ler !! It is just TRIAL class- for a month only. And, i can always use a towel. So after thinking logiaclly, the insanity stopped just as how it came.
It happens all the time. We try to grasp love, a so-called bargain, tangible items.. intangible ones etc etc.. just because we could not have it. We won't let go because we could never have it.
So, macam mana ??
Be aware of this weakness (the mind is weak) , get hold of ourselves. Reason it. Be sensible. Be logical. Then, we will have the verdict whether all the hassle, heart pain is worth it.
Then, do what needs to be done.
BBW, this is dedicated to you. May you find happiness and peace!!
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