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Tuesday, July 11, 2006
My mom's idol : My lucky star
This is my Mom's idol lor...
** Drum roll.... dong dong dong CHIANG....
Proudly presents.....
Yeah. My lucky star too....coz without him, I would not be able to go to Hong Kong, to see beautiful night Hong Kong, to take photo with Whiskers at Ocean Park, to pray to the BIG Buddha at Lantau Island and to see the places in the Hong Kong series that I grew up with. Yeah. And not to forget seeing PAK LEUNG KAM too! Hehe...
My mom and aunty actually flew all the way from Malaysia/ Singapore to Hong Kong just to see his shows. Every night. My aunty even joined his fan club. Yeah.. Talk about FANS....
My mom was like "Ei ei... lend me your camera lar!! I wanna take photo with Ding Fan...Come lar.. Lend Mama lerrrr" ( Deh me somemore ??!!!!)
I was thinking Ding Fan ???!! Aiyo... Take what photo lar. I wanna take photo with Whiskers lar.
Then at the show she was like "Ei ei... Take his photo lar. Take lar !! He is here in front d. Take for Mama lar"
"Ei ei... Take his photo lar. Take now!! "
Me: **Snap snap snap.... ( Apa lagi boleh buat?)
At one point, she and my aunty took my camera and try to snap some themselves. ( Aii, me not doing a good job). But, tak tau operate. Aii.. Apa nak buat ? I take back the camera lor.. So end up with 120 photos just of the opera show that night. Aiii.. Fanatic aunty fans...
Then, even more geng is every 45 mins she will nudge me and say: "Very handsome hoh he... Aiyooo...Handsome or not him, ah Ming ??"
What can I say ? I nodded only lor so I can avoid argument with the avid fan. I wanted to say.. Ding Fan is UNCLE lar..
Ini lar hancem..
Ini pun satu lagi HANCEM..
But NOT Ding Fan.
ok. It's my mom. So to give face, I told her after the show. Ding Fan is a HANDSOME UNCLE.
Fair right ?
Anyway, I am very happy that my mom now has a hobby or something that she enjoys. That will fill up her time.. make her happy.. and something she looks forward to. My dad would be happy too. :)
Oh yeah... I went for the Chinese opera show-one night only. Very cultural hoh me.. Anyway, I think costs RM 160.00 per seat that night.. My mom bought the front seats.. See how dedicated she is to Ding Fan!!!
(at the make up room- up close to the stars :P )
I also don't know why I am drawn to this art. May be from young, my grandma( the V sign one) always bring me to see the Cantonese opera shows during the Hungry Ghost season ever since I was young. I actually enjoyed all the shows. My mom told me when she was having me, she always watch or listen to Chinese opera. So, that is my pre-natal education. But still I can't sing well. And out of rhythm.. hmmm..
Anyway, I do really enjoy chinese opera though I cannot understand what they are singing in between the aaaaiiiii yaaaa yaaaa.. and aaaah ahhhh..eeeee...oooo.. I just like to see how the they walk, how they turn and twist their fingers/ hand, dance and especially like when the guy kneels and roll his head--> mostly when they are framed. ( Anyway, I only like them in Cantonese dialect--> Hokkien Teowchew one I don't like. biased abit.)
Anyway, it was an experience. I thought Chinese Opera was already a dying art. It's good to see that Chinese Opera is still very popular. Though everyone is either a gong gong po po or ah yi ah pek. Aii . But, much to my plesant surprise I am not the youngest audience ler. Got some quite young one ler..
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