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Friday, July 07, 2006
I dreamt of him again
Hehe.. No lar. Not Andy Lau again.. :P
It's my dad.
I cannot remember much but he was wearing his batik shirt.
It started with me sleeping on our old carpet. The yellow old carpet that I have salivated on, spit on, spilled on over my younger years. Then suddenly, the earth moved!!
My first thought ( see inside dream, got thoughts also) was.. waaaaah. earthquake !! Syiok-nya can feel the chi kek-ness finally!!! ( The last quivers I never feel anything- it has always been my regret.. :P).
Second thought- aii.. don't know how many people dying in Indonesia..... Then, ah.. blur blur.. fast forward....
I saw my dad. He was sleeping on the bean bag as he usually does. I went to talk to him. Then
Then hoh.. after that, we went for makan session at some restaurant.
Can imagine my bf saying:" Ah Doi.. this girl ah... Dream also cannot forget food." hahahaha
Anyway, I cannot remember my brothers. But my mom was there and it was this feeling that the whole family was there together. The COMPLETE family.
We were laughing. Then, my dad teased me. I cannot remember what. But sometimes he does tease me in his own quiet way. He laughed at me. His face was so happy, the smile was broad. Though the face wasn't really like his- may be smiling to BIG d.
Everyone was happy... then for no reason, I opened my eyes and it struck me my dad is no longer with us. I closed my eyes back trying to go back to the nice warm dream; to see him again. To see my family complete again. All 5 of us.
Too late. I lost it.
Then, I gotta wake to go for work d. Sien boh ?
But, at least I see his happy face. It leaves a happy feeling instead of a sad one. Coz I am not crying now when I am typing this.
On and off I do dream of him. It is like him coming back to visit me. Though, I know they are only dreams. But it is just a calming thought.

ANYWAY, IT IS FRIDAY !! Happy weekend!! I would be going to see my Yat lou Fatt.. :)
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