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Thursday, October 05, 2006
I "sprained" my back
I am not sure if sprained is the word.. But Cantonese I sure know lor.
Ngo lai dou tieuw gan...
Now my neck is stiff too... Aii.. it is not fan lai geng( something like hurt ur neck because of bad sleeping posture).. I was superbly ok this morning. Until I came into office... I dunno what tickled my nose. Definitely not some one cursing me coz I sneezed more than once. And I dun wan to tipu you all that someone missed me coz I think I sneezed more than twice. Anyway, after that, I pulled my back and I am having discomfort whole day !! I look up, look down, look right, look left also it hurts.. Aiii... very grumpy also and I think it is causing my headache now !!
So pai seh hoh.. but wait till you hear about this story..
This happened to one of my vendors... He was awake very early one morning,supposed to catch a flight, and he tried to stifled a sneeze not to wake up his wife. Just after that, he fell on the bed and was in such immense pain that he couldn't even move or talk.. Anyway, he managed to sort of wake up his wife by wheezing. But, his wife din believe he was having problem, chided him to play tricks .. HAHAHA..
Sorry, evil as it is.. I still find it very comical.. He is a cheeky guy, full of tricks... Disturb people all the time.. So I guess he cry wolf too many times..
Finally the wife believed him and tried to help him.. However, it was really bad and they had to get an ambulance to carry him out as he couldn't move at all. Apparently when he was about to sneeze, some verterbreta bla bla on his spinal cord opened, and snapped closed on one of his nerves when he stifled the sneeze... He spent some time in the hospital to recover, that is all I remember. But it sounds really painful and serious !!! Scary hoh !!!
So next time don't pai seh, just sneeze it out...
Else become like me or him.. so pai seh ler !!
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