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Friday, October 06, 2006
Tonight is a Full Moon night....
Watch out for werewolves..
Hehehe.... no lar.. Today is a good day on the lunar calendar for the Chinese..
It is our lantern festival day.. or mooncake festival. Mooncake every year I eat la. But lantern, I have to sit down and really think hard about the days I walk around carrying lanterns..
I used to have one lantern, actually my only lantern. It's a fish. Very artistic design ==means people won't know is a fish when they see it. Well, I don't mind. As long I have a lantern...
It was those traditional lantern.. No batteries no music. Just plain colorful paper on wood with candles.. I love those. I cannot accept the new superman, blinking hello kittys or singing pikachu designs. I will never ever buy those for my children. If they want, too bad lar...
OK back to my story... I don't remember joining those community walks around the taman or so with my lantern.. The only thing I remember is my mom will off the lights and fans in the house, then my brothers and I will walk around with our lanterns. Ya.. from the kitchen to the living room; then round the living room under my mom's supervision. Outside alot of mosquito worr she said.
I never thought anything was missing until uni days I told my housemates. Man ! Did they have a good laugh... Make me so pai seh...
Anyway, back to my lantern. Anyway,one year, I dunno why so hiao, trying to act cool may be... I sat down and leaned the lantern against the leg of the stool...and then the candle burnt a hole.. SIEN... my mom threw away my lantern. I was in high school d that time. ( I guess ler). Mom said no more lanterns for me. :(
So I don't have any lanterns after that.. Until Pre-U.
:) Good old days. That time we bought those japanese lanterns. Economical and easy disposal. Romantic lagi. Light a few, make our hostel room bright bright. But were also scared that we will burn down the room. :P
It was also very romantic...my then-going-to-be-bf( that is my double x-bf) gave me one japanese lantern, then he held one and we walked around the campus.... So lam hoh.. He gave me a pink one lagi. Aii.. :P.. he heard about my childhood in-door lantern experience..decided to give me another type of experience... So romantic.. how can I say no to him worr???
:P Especially that time mui mui chai... :)
Anyway, that is all I remember about my mooncake festival. Alot of people have been asking me how am I going to celebrate. Am I going home? With that indoor lantern thingy, I guess you all would know mooncake festival is not something big to my family. But, today, thinking back about the good old days.. made me smile.... They said today is a festival that makes us people who are far from home miss home even more. I do miss home. I feel sad that my dad isn't around.. But, what can be done? Well. My mom is still here ya.. So are my brothers. I will call them..... I miss them too..
Oh well... let's think of something happy !!! Tonight going for steamboat with friends !!!! Yay !! I am wishing for FAT LA LAssss !!!
But before that.. wishing everyone a happy moon cake festival and in mandarin.....
Zhong Qiu Jie Kuai Le !!!
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  • At 11:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Happy Tang Loong festival !!!

    i dint really know tat ppl lights tang long indoor.. kind of weird..

    i always do it at the garden or go jalan on the street seeing how ppl decorate the house with a gang of friends.. :)


  • At 5:31 PM, Anonymous ah_loong_siu said…

    what play lantern?? when i was small wanna eat one bowl of rice also difficult ooooh.. the japs were already attacking from the north and descending down south very fast.. the British who was suppose to defend us abandoned and left us to fight them... so scared that didnt really know what to do... that time there was this resistance movement also known as MPAJA (Malayan People Anti Japanese Army) ask our family to help in the resistance... how to say no right even though we knew that the Japs would slaugther us if they found out that we were helping them...

    so to keep the story short, we had to pass messages hidden inside our tanglungs during the Tanglung festival... i remember that we were being questioned by the Japs patrolling our area.. whoooaaa damn takut lah... nearly peed in my pants.. luckily manage to steady myself.. so we were not caught passing the message...

    hehehehe... nice story huh... something like moon cake and Japs.. but a mixture of both...

    Happy Tanglung Day...

    P/S : actually dont remember anything about this festival... non event to me...

  • At 2:06 PM, Blogger nyonyapenang said…

    had a yummylicious buffet last night?

  • At 8:25 AM, Blogger ikanbilis said…

    sounds that you had a great time! *wheee* i miss playing tanglung!

  • At 11:13 AM, Blogger sming said…

    8enji,sounds fun hoh.. not as pitiful as me..
    ah_loong_siu, i see how bad the haze clogged up ur brain.
    nyonyapenang.. no lor.. not really. was quite disappointed. and the fat lalas are a hoax !!!
    ikanbilis, no worries. u can still do it now.. (while u are still young) :P

  • At 11:34 AM, Blogger Las montañas said…

    wah, how come greeting in putonghua? speak cantonese lah!

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