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Thursday, October 26, 2006
10 stupid question meme
THANK YOU yvy for tagging me !!!!
oohh.. I don't know how am I going to get through this.

1. If Ray Romano and Homer Simpson were the 2 last men on earth - who would you pick to be your husband and why?
Takashi Kaneshiro !! Takashi Kaneshiro !! I don't care !! I still want to marry him !!!
3. How many caterpillars would it take to build an elephant?
Baby elephant or mama elephant. or papa elephant ? Eh, be specific la !
4. Why is rice?
Becoz it is not mee hoon.
5. How long does it take for a centipede to count its legs?
This one I know !! A century !!!! *smug*
6. Snoo?
....py !!!!
7. If Dr. Suess made up all his words, why are we making children read him?
I don't have children worrr....
8. Why me?
Why???? Because the sky is so high.....
9. Why you?
Refer to answer at Q8.
10. Do you think it’s tough coming up with 10 stupids questions?
CONFIRM it's super duper tough !!

1. Place a copy of the rules with the not not a meme

2. Answer the ten stupid questions of whoever tagged you
3. Write ten stupid questions for others to answer
4. Tag three people

My 10 stupid questions...
  1. Why am I doing this ?
  2. Can you explain ur own name ?
  3. How ?
  4. What ?
  5. Then ?
  6. Who?
  7. Boy, ain't I lazy ???
  8. How can I be a millionaire ? Err.. make it a billionaire !!
  9. Still got one more ah???
  10. Dark or fair ?

Tagging... hehe.. ok.....

  1. Patrick
  2. Nyonya Penang
  3. Las montañas

Hehe.. have fun ya.

posted by sming @ 2:32 PM  
  • At 3:21 AM, Blogger ikanbilis said…

    wah this list is hebat!

  • At 9:23 AM, Blogger sming said…

    You study for your SPM ya..dun think of any stewpid questions& answers.. and all the best !!

  • At 1:53 PM, Blogger Las montañas said…

    haha.. so tough I don't even know how to start.

  • At 5:12 PM, Blogger Patrick said…

    !@$!@#%..X*&^..! regret to coming to sming blog already... y me always kena tag one??!

    let me play some black magic.. i not here i m not here i m not here.. i dont see any my name on this tag........


  • At 7:08 PM, Anonymous yvy said…

    hahaha....not easy leh...but thanks for doing it. :)

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