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Monday, November 13, 2006
Sua Ku goes to Powerman @Lumut
Right, Sua Ku is me.. Wa si sua ku ! :P
This is my first time going to this kind of event. As a spectator, not a contestant of coz. For other sua kus like me... This Powerman is actually a series of dualthon. I think it is spelt this way. Means Run-Bike-Run..The distance is actually 10km-60km-10km or 4km-30km-4km respectively.. That is the full event and the sprint event.
Some knowledge to show off: Powerman series is a BIG event nd alot of ppl around the world came for this event. Apparently, PowerMan Malaysia is the only series in Asia or South East Asia that allow the participants to collect points in order to qualify for the main PowerMan in Switzerland..
Anyway, lazy person like me.. why am I there ? No prize for those who guess the correct answer.
Ya lar, superman bf wanna go join for the first time. He signed up for the sprint event ( 4km-30km-4km )... Somemore he had stomach upset on Friday. But on Saturday he was so gung ho and woke me up at 530am. Oh well.. I had to lor. I dreamt he told me he couldn't make it.
Anyway, I did enjoy myself there. The race started at 1pm. Ya, siao one.. So hot.. So were the ppl there... hehehe... there were alot of hot guys there... with super lean body !!!
It was an experience !! You know, seeing ppl pengsan at the finishing line.. hehehe..
World number 1&2 of dualthon event was there.. cool-nya and they were super fast. I cannot believe the bicycle they use is RM 50K and above.... 0_0
No surprised that they came to the finishing line first and the second.. But, when the second runner up came and after raising his arms in victory, he dropped himself into the arms of the officials and they practically have to drag him to the rest area. Was too shock to take photos.. but not after that.....
Photo 1. This lady from Hungary was number 3 in the Elite group in the full event. She just sat down and refused to move after crossing the finishing line..But she is ok after resting.
Photo2. Then this guy terus pitam as he reached the finishing line.. He pushed himself too much I guess. But he got 2nd in his age group... Very drama one.. They took him away on the strecher...But he was up and fresh by dinner time.
Photo3.Then this uncle also very geng.. it was just like both his legs went stiff and he just flopped down with his legs stiffly straight. Like they were cemented...Luckily his wife and someone was around to support him..
Photo4. This guy just end up being high and just draped himself over bags of ice and stand kangkang for ppl to take photo.. haha.. really funny !!
I heard that there is another lagi drama one. That guy din even finish the first running part. Sampai mulut berbuih-buih....the ambulance had to whisk him away...
I guess it is the heat.. Start at 1pm leh.. it was scorching !!!! Luckily it rained halfway.. Else more would have pengsan.... But I do salute all of them.. whew!! Even if they come back but they finished it the whole thing !!! For me, I would have pengsan at that starting line. Even if not, I will pretend to have heart attack and faint to escape the whole thing.. ngiek ngiek !!
So, what did I do ? Other than waiting for my bf to come around the corner and wave at him ??...I watched guys, alot of leng chai's and sexy guys... lagi wear tight tight one...Take photos lor... heheheh..:) Dun jeles ya.. I took photo with this two leng chais..The older one won 4th place in the Elite category. He is from Spain. :P
Ok.. let's go back to the normal activities that sming would do when she go on a trip.. :)
The next day, so happened my colleague Thiong was back in Lumut and he found out we were around. And he was so kind to take us to Kpg Koh for super nice fuk chow loh mee and red wine mee suah.. and the prawn mee. My bf had his curry mee again...Then to Sitiawan for the nice nice biscuit.. Fresh from the old traditional charcoal 'oven'...
Then to Teluk Batik to hang out.... See this guy.. So hot also he wanna go down to the sea with the tube.. so have to bring his umbrella..so funny... :)
Then we went to buy some stuff and went back to the hotel.
Saw some of our newf-ound friends who were in the race. Talked and chatted... at the beach waterfront.. ya.. Lumut is beautful now !!
Then we left at 1pm.
On the way back to KL, we stopped at Kuala Selangor. Had some seafood and I saw this 168 car parked outside the 168 coffee shop.
Ya I think my 168 misses me. Calling me home.... :)
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  • At 4:49 PM, Blogger nyonyapenang said…

    so suakoo was the Powerwoman pomp-pomp girl there la. LOL

  • At 2:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    wah very the happening horr.. what happen to your dahling later? anyway 168.. hehehehe

  • At 9:12 AM, Blogger sming said…

    Nyonya, luckily u din say I m powerpuff girl. :p

    ikanbilis, hehe ok la... he ah.. exhausted and of coz no prize but had a great experience too. He finished in appx 2 hours 20 mins like that .. :)

  • At 9:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    wah..! guess u really enjoy on the 'run' hahhahaaa...

  • At 5:32 PM, Anonymous ah_loong_siu said…

    i finished in 2hr 06 mins... no 33 out of 46... not bad for a first timer huh... must train harder on the bike already... anyway nice report on the race... told you that u would enjoyed it..

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