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Thursday, October 26, 2006
10 stupid question meme
THANK YOU yvy for tagging me !!!!
oohh.. I don't know how am I going to get through this.

1. If Ray Romano and Homer Simpson were the 2 last men on earth - who would you pick to be your husband and why?
Takashi Kaneshiro !! Takashi Kaneshiro !! I don't care !! I still want to marry him !!!
3. How many caterpillars would it take to build an elephant?
Baby elephant or mama elephant. or papa elephant ? Eh, be specific la !
4. Why is rice?
Becoz it is not mee hoon.
5. How long does it take for a centipede to count its legs?
This one I know !! A century !!!! *smug*
6. Snoo?
....py !!!!
7. If Dr. Suess made up all his words, why are we making children read him?
I don't have children worrr....
8. Why me?
Why???? Because the sky is so high.....
9. Why you?
Refer to answer at Q8.
10. Do you think it’s tough coming up with 10 stupids questions?
CONFIRM it's super duper tough !!

1. Place a copy of the rules with the not not a meme

2. Answer the ten stupid questions of whoever tagged you
3. Write ten stupid questions for others to answer
4. Tag three people

My 10 stupid questions...
  1. Why am I doing this ?
  2. Can you explain ur own name ?
  3. How ?
  4. What ?
  5. Then ?
  6. Who?
  7. Boy, ain't I lazy ???
  8. How can I be a millionaire ? Err.. make it a billionaire !!
  9. Still got one more ah???
  10. Dark or fair ?

Tagging... hehe.. ok.....

  1. Patrick
  2. Nyonya Penang
  3. Las montañas

Hehe.. have fun ya.

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Monday, October 23, 2006
Memoirs of a Rubbish Collector
Am back to Penang.. The jam was horrible !! The journey was like 8 hours !!! But that is inclusive of our detour for Ipoh Nga Choy Kai, Hor Fan and tau fu fah !!
Also had my great time with Penang food....Had my yummy laksa, char kuey tiaw, char kuey kak, chee cheong fan, kuey tiao teng...... slurrp !!
Anyway, since my 168 is ready, I gotta pack my 18 yrs of rubbish in Penang to relieve some space.... My mom is throwing me out.. :((
Anyway, she asked me to throw all my stuff... But I couldn't get myself to do it !!
See.. Chinese New Year cards from my frens from high school..... As we start working and with the internet, we don't send these cards anymore.... It's really different. It feels that the wishes are more sincere... at least that is how I feel..
And written letters... snail mails.... I have loads of them.. From my pen pals... my cousins, my aunty and uncle,my frens who are overseas, my high school frens when we are away in our uni.... How we support each other when we are away from home .. Sharing of our romantic stories.. and struggling to face the new challenges in life... etc etc.. Also reading back funny things we correspond when I was really young... Very funny.. Childish but funny...
Really brings back alot of memories...
How many of you still send snail mails ???
Going through those letters, I found out I have alot of frens and pen pals that I have forgotten.. :P
Also, there are so many birthday cards !! These are one of the few things I don't receive much when I grow older.... And there are so many cards that are hand made or drawn by my frens.. Those are treasures !! I can't throw them !!! I can never get myself to do that !!
See these cards, one is from an Indian girl I get to know when I first worked after my SPM. On the card, she asked me to remember her always. I would have forgetten about her if there weren't this birthday card. I still remember she used a pen knife to carved her bf's name on her hand.. Scary huh !!!
And the beautiful pink card is by a fren from Uni.. My first BD at the Uni was spent with him. His BD is just one day after mine... I cannot remember I have this beautiful card !!
The best one is the 3-D card. It is given by my primary school fren. It was like after 7 yrs we bumped into each other. And he was really sweet to make this card for me. Sent it by his bike to my mailbox. I had a really pleasant surprise... It has been ages that I have been surprised this way .... :)
Sad to say, he has left us 2 yrs ago.. At the age of 26 yrs old. Nose cancer.. And he gave me a rose when we last met. Such a sweet guy. I feel bad that I told him I will call him to meet up but never did. And it is too late d...... But I will always remember him ....
Anyway, wanna see more rubbish ?
These are some wood stuff then I kept and write on it. Also my sticker collections.... and a scrap book of Leslie Cheung, Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok and even the badminton stars.. Soo Beng Kiang, Cheah Soon Kit, Yang Yang, Zhau Jian Hua ... yeah them !! That was the last time Malaysia brought back Thomas Cup.. Yeap, 1992 !!!!
There are more.. Shells.. cosmetic jewellary...bag buttons from my Co-Q days... toys... bla bla
Waaaaaaaa.. I really am a rubbish collector !!!
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Monday, October 16, 2006
Moving into 168 ~My Love Nest~
This is a retype.. I lost the entire blog when I was publishing it... Grrr.... No mood d...
Finally !!
After months of waiting for the keys, going through renovation, buying things....
After 10 years of staying in hostels/rented rooms....
After moving 6 times in 5 years....
I have moved to a place of my OWN !!!
MINE !!!
OK lar.. Not entirely mine. Half is my bf's.
Note: It is a risky decision to buy a property together espescially when you have not tied the knot. Young people, only do so if your relationship is stable and that both parties are able to handle things rationally when you decide to go on separate ways...
Anyway, touch wood !! Things are going smoothly between us except for the fights of who mops the floor and hang the curtains... N I expect more to come.... Aii.. my bf is SPOILT by his mom who is a housewife.. I need help to educate him to help me out with house work !! Any advice please?
I don't really know about the tradition/customs about moving to a new house. My friends say MUST choose date, ask the mothers, they sure know !!
My mom shrugged off saying my grandma did everything. My bf's mom said everyday is a good day !! *blur*
So, I went to check the calendar.. you know those with BIG numbers, one day on one page one leh...
So it says OCT 15 is a good day for moving house... Cun !!
Sunday no need to take leave.. Cun !! Cun !
9am till 3 pm is a good time..Kat see !! Cun !!!!!!!
So Oct 15 it is....
But, I am also confused this good day supposed to be the day I move in and stay over night for the first time ?? Or the day I move in my stuff/ furniture?? Or the day I bring in my Buddha ?
Anyway, I invited monks over for dana (offering to the monks) and they chant to bless the house. It is also the same I stayed there officially and I brought in the Buddha ( it;s a small marble Buddha I bought from Siem Reap) I am going to remove the fern later. It makes the whole thing look like a messy forest. I did it the Buddhist way with a dash of the old tradition..
Well, at least this gives me a peace of mind.. I guess that is what everything is about, yeah ?
I can't really explain the feelings of owning a place of my own. Excited and also feeling proud.. My own place.. my own design.. Nothing splendid but at least it is MY design. I am really lucky that my bf allow me to decided on almost everything.. only an occasional 'No' to keep watch on our budget.. :P
Ok, a sneak preview..
This is a design I had in mind before everything was ready. That I wanted to get from Bangkok. I wanted a vase with tall tall flowers on my dining table. The original plan I had was those dried sticks/ wood with curly curly ends. But, they look dead, don't they ? Just feel it is not so good for my feng shui..
So I went to Chatuchak Bangkok and got this vase, hand picked the flowers and came back struggling with the arrangement. How is it ? Not too bad for a novice, right?? *wink* *wink*
(Gotta thank Lorena and FY for carrying this bunch of mah fan flowers for me from Chatuchak back to the hotel !!!! :P)
Before my furniture came, I put it on this display shelf instead. My bf calls it my toy coz I sort of designed it. Not totally original though. Anyway, recently I saw something similar. SO sien.....
Costs us a bomb.. He didn't want it, I insisted and he relented. Thanks, my love !! Hehehe, bodek first... Anyway, don't say anything negative about it, else I am so going to kena from him !!!
OK, back to my decoration. I kinda like it this way, but then I feel the whole thing is like stunted. Crammed up, my flowers need space !! ...
Not pratical on my dining table either...
So end up next to my tv...Nicer right ?
Nope, not plasma..No $$... My bf's fren asked us to get a 52" or some outrageous size plasma TV. I told him.
" Siao ah !! With the size of my living room, both of us might end up cock eye !! Bak Jiu Pak Jiao !!"
Another fren lagi pannai...
" Eh you put a MILO tin next to the TV stating MY PLASMA TV FUND. Those sponsored can have their name writting on the wall next to it..."
Muahahahahahaha !!!
Ok this coffee table is one of the few things that my bf get to choose for the house. I wasn't really keen on it. But, now with my candle collection from Bangkok... I LOVE it !!!!
Well, this is how my 168 'progressed' from since we went to check on the defects earlier.
The power of renovation !! My bf is into reno business now.. Tolong tunjuk ajar... duo duo zi gao !! :p
Ok, after promoting my bf, my turn now. For those who have a chance to visit 168, if you are disappointed that the real thing is not as seen in the photos.. please DO tell me. Coz it means that I have the hidden talent to go into advertising photography.. :P
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Wednesday, October 11, 2006
I declared holiday for myself !!
Yesterday was 10 Oct.. hehe..Double 10... sap har sap har .. which means blur blur in Cantonese.
So I also spent the day sap har sap har...
On Monday evening, I was totally out. I reached home tired, but still manage to help my bf's mom to clean up the house.. YAY !! Extra brownie points for me !!! :P
Anyway, about 7.45pm I konked out. Slept through the night !! Skipped dinner !! Can you believe it ?? ME... SKIP DINNER !!!! But I manage to wake up about 12 midnight... Blur blur but manage to 'scold' my bf for not waking me up, he said he would wake me up for dinner. Also found my way in to the kitchen and made myself bread with peanut butter.... After munching down the bread with my eyes half open, I continue to sleep. Only opened my eyes at 8 am. I complained I have headache...Bf said I feel feverish. So, asked me to take MC. OOO... music to my ears. I went back to sleep la...
Later at the clinic, my bf told me this.
" Aii.. I better let you take MC ler.. Later you scold me in your blog..."
HAHAHAA.. the power of blogs !! I love blogging !!!
Doctor ask me to stay away from the haze .. I also hope I can do that lar...
Went back and continue to sleep from 2pm till 5pm.
My bf pengsan. Say from where he found a pig as girlfren. Cheh... I sick mar. I dun sleep 9 9 how my body fight the virus ???
But I slept too much I think. So end up last night I couldn't sleep..
Today I woke up and looked into the mirror.. Suddenly I feel I really look like one of the celebrity figures...
Wanna guess who??
Tips ?
From China one..
IT"s JIA JIA !!!!
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Monday, October 09, 2006
Haze...Rain.. Zzzzzz......
Haze is back..
Situation is worse.
Rained this morning but to no avail.
My head is heavy. My eyes are drooping..
Can't think straight. Can't work or be productive.
Missing my bed. Craving for my comforter.
Oh when oh when... will the time show 5.45pm. So that it is time for me to go off ?
Aiii.. Heard the rumbling of thunder. Hope it rains once more, washing away the dusts and particles. Cleanse the air !!!
It's so bad that I am hallucinating. This morining at the ladies, I thought I saw a caterpillar on the ceiling. I am so afraid of these crawling creatures. I was staring and staring at it. Trying to figure out how did this insect manage to get in here.... It was like half a min later I realised it is like a plug of something on the light. Ah ler.....
Shake head....
When will this ever stop ???
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Friday, October 06, 2006
Tonight is a Full Moon night....
Watch out for werewolves..
Hehehe.... no lar.. Today is a good day on the lunar calendar for the Chinese..
It is our lantern festival day.. or mooncake festival. Mooncake every year I eat la. But lantern, I have to sit down and really think hard about the days I walk around carrying lanterns..
I used to have one lantern, actually my only lantern. It's a fish. Very artistic design ==means people won't know is a fish when they see it. Well, I don't mind. As long I have a lantern...
It was those traditional lantern.. No batteries no music. Just plain colorful paper on wood with candles.. I love those. I cannot accept the new superman, blinking hello kittys or singing pikachu designs. I will never ever buy those for my children. If they want, too bad lar...
OK back to my story... I don't remember joining those community walks around the taman or so with my lantern.. The only thing I remember is my mom will off the lights and fans in the house, then my brothers and I will walk around with our lanterns. Ya.. from the kitchen to the living room; then round the living room under my mom's supervision. Outside alot of mosquito worr she said.
I never thought anything was missing until uni days I told my housemates. Man ! Did they have a good laugh... Make me so pai seh...
Anyway, back to my lantern. Anyway,one year, I dunno why so hiao, trying to act cool may be... I sat down and leaned the lantern against the leg of the stool...and then the candle burnt a hole.. SIEN... my mom threw away my lantern. I was in high school d that time. ( I guess ler). Mom said no more lanterns for me. :(
So I don't have any lanterns after that.. Until Pre-U.
:) Good old days. That time we bought those japanese lanterns. Economical and easy disposal. Romantic lagi. Light a few, make our hostel room bright bright. But were also scared that we will burn down the room. :P
It was also very romantic...my then-going-to-be-bf( that is my double x-bf) gave me one japanese lantern, then he held one and we walked around the campus.... So lam hoh.. He gave me a pink one lagi. Aii.. :P.. he heard about my childhood in-door lantern experience..decided to give me another type of experience... So romantic.. how can I say no to him worr???
:P Especially that time mui mui chai... :)
Anyway, that is all I remember about my mooncake festival. Alot of people have been asking me how am I going to celebrate. Am I going home? With that indoor lantern thingy, I guess you all would know mooncake festival is not something big to my family. But, today, thinking back about the good old days.. made me smile.... They said today is a festival that makes us people who are far from home miss home even more. I do miss home. I feel sad that my dad isn't around.. But, what can be done? Well. My mom is still here ya.. So are my brothers. I will call them..... I miss them too..
Oh well... let's think of something happy !!! Tonight going for steamboat with friends !!!! Yay !! I am wishing for FAT LA LAssss !!!
But before that.. wishing everyone a happy moon cake festival and in mandarin.....
Zhong Qiu Jie Kuai Le !!!
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Thursday, October 05, 2006
I "sprained" my back
I am not sure if sprained is the word.. But Cantonese I sure know lor.
Ngo lai dou tieuw gan...
Now my neck is stiff too... Aii.. it is not fan lai geng( something like hurt ur neck because of bad sleeping posture).. I was superbly ok this morning. Until I came into office... I dunno what tickled my nose. Definitely not some one cursing me coz I sneezed more than once. And I dun wan to tipu you all that someone missed me coz I think I sneezed more than twice. Anyway, after that, I pulled my back and I am having discomfort whole day !! I look up, look down, look right, look left also it hurts.. Aiii... very grumpy also and I think it is causing my headache now !!
So pai seh hoh.. but wait till you hear about this story..
This happened to one of my vendors... He was awake very early one morning,supposed to catch a flight, and he tried to stifled a sneeze not to wake up his wife. Just after that, he fell on the bed and was in such immense pain that he couldn't even move or talk.. Anyway, he managed to sort of wake up his wife by wheezing. But, his wife din believe he was having problem, chided him to play tricks .. HAHAHA..
Sorry, evil as it is.. I still find it very comical.. He is a cheeky guy, full of tricks... Disturb people all the time.. So I guess he cry wolf too many times..
Finally the wife believed him and tried to help him.. However, it was really bad and they had to get an ambulance to carry him out as he couldn't move at all. Apparently when he was about to sneeze, some verterbreta bla bla on his spinal cord opened, and snapped closed on one of his nerves when he stifled the sneeze... He spent some time in the hospital to recover, that is all I remember. But it sounds really painful and serious !!! Scary hoh !!!
So next time don't pai seh, just sneeze it out...
Else become like me or him.. so pai seh ler !!
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Tuesday, October 03, 2006
No Internet No Life
It wasn't until lately I found out how dependant I am on INTERNET.
It was about a week or more that our company's network starts slowing down. But I still manage to surf and blog; with a great test on my patience.. Then end of last week, it was a total denial of service...
Suffering from withdrawal syndrome.....
Can't sit and concentrate on work... Feeling detached from the world... time was crawling pass...
Can't check my webmails... can't blog... can't do blog hopping...
Oooo.. no life.
Dear oh dear !! See how I am attached to the World Wide Web ???
Aii.. I guess I would really need to put broadband on my 168 Must Have list !!
The problem is still intermittent.. So do excuse me if I am slow in posting or can't comment at your blogs...
I guess I have to go sweet talk my bf to borrow his laptop and go to Starbucks to surf...
Hmm.. if he say no hoh.. I think I will use force or violence to loan that baby of his.
For the sake of surfing !!!!!
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