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Tuesday, December 26, 2006
Final Countdown
Happy Belated Xmas...!! Hehehe
Hope everyone had a good one.. The party at ALOHA last Friday was good....:)
Let's wait till the photos are out ya... Cameraman 8enji is on long leave.. Till next year.:)
Anyway, just looking at the calendar.. 4 more days to go.. And I will be married. :O
I have to be committed.. as a wife, more responsibility... Sounds abit scary to me.. :P
And feeling kinda sweet.. Haha.. conflicting thoughts...
Just thinking about how we met. I remember I promised Sue I would blog about this. But never was in the mood... Until today. So ready for some Aunty Sming's long winded story??
Once upon a time .....
ok ok, I am not that old lar .. :P
It was early July in 2002, ( geez it was so long ago !!!) My colleagues and I went to a workshop. We were late. I saw him once I stepped into the classroom. He was sitting in the first row. Looking at his side view, my first impression was... "Wah... Leng chai !!" :P~~~~
Most of you should know my hobby is kap chai ler.. Good things are meant to be appreciated mar... :P
But throughout the time, I was really concentrating on the speaker.. Not him.. Me not lying.. I swear !!
Anyway, after the work shop,... ok, I can't really tell what happened then. We still cannot agree till today. hehehe
He said I was the one giving him signals; and I insist he was the one staring at me all the time.
Anyway, after that he went into the lift and left. AM sure he was the one looking at me.
And he left, just like that..
I remember telling Sharon and Vong... "Today, a leng chai KAP me leh..."
Both of them also asked why din I go and talk to him...
Seriously, that never crossed my mind. I am still have that traditional kolot thinking that the guys should make the first move.
I replied, " Aii.. never mind lar.. If we have fate, we will meet again.... :)"
So, it was a BIG surprise when I saw him again. 30 July 2002. Less than a month from then. At the launch of the product that we went for the workshop earlier.
I was on the line when we made eye contact. I saw a hint of recognition on his face. But then, I tarik harga, I hang up and went into the lunch area. Took my food and found a place to sit. ( I think I made sure there were empty seats around me.. :p)
Then, he made his way to me. Waaa.. my heart went bip bop bip bop...
And,he then sat next to me. My heart did a flip flop.. make that double flip flop !!
He introduced himself and sort of saying was nice to see me again. I din hide the fact that I too recognize him.. and we started to talk... bli bleh bli bleh.. where we work lar... family lar... where we studied la.... hehe.. I still remember he was trying to find out if I have a bf. He keep asking what do I do when I am free... Of coz I gave him answers that he wanted.. those that are shouting... I AM SINGLE>> ASK ME OUT LAR !!
Haha..Just kidding.. Anyway, I still remember I purposely found an excuse to give him my name card in case he so cha tau duno how to ask for my contact. :P
But it really made me feel shy when he asked for my mobile number then. I was abit doubtful.. I tot email will do mar... But then, I gave him anyway after he reassure me he won't call me in the middle of the night. hehe
Then, we went off to attend the talks.. After the last session, he came and came looking for me again.
And we were chatting and waiting for lucky draw results. I think I din submit my form. I just hang around so I don't feel guilty going home so early during a working day..
Okay okay... I admit. I wanted to be around him... :P
He won a keyboard !!! So lucky leh....
He said he never won any lucky draw before .. hehe.. Must be me lar. I'm his lucky star... :P
It was time to leave. Everyone leaving.. everything finishto liao.
So... aii.. When will I see you again ? My heart was singing...
I told him I would like to check out the swimming pool ( We were at Sheraton Subang Hotel).
He said he would go with me..
Ok.. One extra point that he is interested. :P
So we went for a short walk. And till I have no more excuse to hang around with him, I said I will go get my car which is at the opposite side of the road..
He parked in the hotel itself, yet, he insisted to walk me to my car.
Wah... LAM SEI NGOR lorrrr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So long no guys ever offer to send me to my car.. even it was at night in shopping complex. This is broad daylight.. and he offered to walk me to my car. I was so laaaaaammm....
I was on cloud 9 !!!!
And that evening itself, he called me. And he sent me a sms that night. One thing lead to another... He celebrated my birthday with me.. and... fast forward....we got together as an item by early Sept 2002.. fast forward.... fast forward....
we are getting married this Saturday... :)
I never thought things would work out so beautifully between us. We started the relationship very fast ( my standard lar)... I admit I was also very scared that he would be the wrong person. I was even more scared that walking on the streets I would see him holding another girl's hand....
Etc etc....
To me, it was the closest experience of love at first sight to me. He said he fell for me quite late compare to his ex girlfriends. Well, he is the fastest microwave-oven lover I ever know ler.
And I always believe in fate ever since. I was not supposed to go to the first workshop. I swapped with my colleague for don't-know-what reason. And it was not my plan to attend the launch of the product until my supervisor asked me to go just a day before.
Often, I shudder on the thought how easily we would have missed each other....
But whatever it is.. this Saturday is the day we tie the knot..
30 Dec 2006
30 is our lucky number huh ? :)
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Monday, December 18, 2006
What have I been up to lately? Hmm.. other than ear waxing, I was busy preparing my registration..:) Some people might find it as a less grand ceremony. But to me, registration of marriage is very important too. Anyway, anything that has to do with taking photos is important to me la. heheheh.
At first I thought the registration is just really simple. Nothing much to prepare.. Just the dress and accessories, which I got it settled within the first week of the month. Cheers !!
Then, my oh my.. I realised... there is the hairdo, the make up, the shoes.. the hand bouquet...etc !!!
Hairdo is my main headache.... I have tried to surf for some hairdo ideas. But couldn't really find one...I looked for my friend. His in-laws has a salon. I went there for a trial.. for a lunch wedding. Was kinda ok with it.. But suddenly earlier last week, I had a panic attack. Something like that lar. I just feel things won't work out the way I wanted..
Aii.. So I took a break from the hairdo.. I went on to look for my hand bouquet.. And I did find the process very much enjoying.. I found a design that I really liked and kinda unique. Then I thought of adding some small flowers to it... as to personalized my hand bouquet.. :) But oh my!! The florists I went to was asking for RM 150.00 or RM 200.00 ONWARDS !!!
Yau mou gau chor ????!!!!!!!!
That, to me, is too much for a bouquet of flowers that will only last for few days !!!! May be I m abit suaku...But it is too exorbitant !! Though I won't be the one paying for it.. but cannot waste money like that maaa. Even though is once in a lifetime.. Anyway, heheh.. yesterday I went to Petaling Street, found a florist that I have confidence in and most of all the price is soooo reasonable !!! Almost 60% less than the price I asked at the florist...
Whew !!
Yay !! Another thing settled...
And while I was searching for my hand bouquet, I came across some ring pillows.. mm.. which is interesting. As you see our rings are bought from the jewellary fair.. It is something like a warehouse sale. So where got nice nice box leh ?? Moreover, both our rings are bought from different outlets... Aii...
But, don't fret !!! Sming got things in control !! I had a bulb on my head that day, hehehe...I made use of what I have and modified this abit.. that abit.. and hey....voila !!!!
Nice or not ???
Then, suddenly someone suggested I go and look for a make up artist.. Oh dear !! How ah ? Where to find? And I memang dunno how to apply blusher without looking like a baboon's ass after that... :(
So I went to KLCC Isetan after work. Took a walk around the cosmetic area. Bobbi Brown provides the service if you purchase at least RM 150 of products. But they are fully booked till next year.. waa... good man !! Shu Umera also provide the service and also purchase of RM 150 worth of products.. and they are available on the 30th !!
Oh well.. But there is time constraint. How am I able to be able to go get my hair done then drive all the way into town and then to the registration within time !! I need to fetch my family too.. collect the flowers leh !!! Waa...
Headache.. headache....
Anyway, with a stroke of luck, I saw a salon around my area yesterday. Went in and discussed with the stylist. Hmm.. seems to fit my requirements and they provide make up service too !! One stop centre !! Manage to give me confidence on the hairdo part too. Checked my 'itinerary', it fits well!! So my main headache was solved !!
Yay !! Yay !! Yaaayyyy !!!
As for the shoes.. hmm.. should not be a problem lar. I got a pair of shiny silver sandals.. No problem. If not, tomorrow, I can go check out the shop which I saw some nice "bridal" shoes.... :)
Yes, I am all set. :)
Only need to go for facial and slim down !!! Today my colleague brought roti jala and rich chocolate cake.. and I manage to say "Tak Nak!!!" (in a polite way lar...how can equate these lovely food to ciggys worr ..:P)
Aren't you all proud of me ?
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Wednesday, December 13, 2006
The ear needs digging...
Yesterday evening, when the sky was dark and evening drawing near and most of all, it was time to get off work, and I got a call then.

Caller: Har... low... err... can..I.. speak to...Sing Tel please?
( He was mumbling. All I can hear was SingTel.. So I thought it was one of my scheming friends. Sometimes we call each other and pretend we are calling from Citibank lar.. balai bomba lar...) So I answered...
Me: Oh.. this is Maxis speaking....
Caller: uhmmg forr terr yeech..pleese..
Me: Sorry ??? ( But noticing that he was still very serious...)
Caller: herrshh mee woo agga ( still in a very serious tone but I cannot make out what he is saying)
Me: (oops noticing something is wrong..) Sorry, may I know who is calling please?
Caller: This is Samuel calling from xxxx. May I ..speak to ...Sing Tel please?
Me: Ohhhhhhh...Errr... I will transfer you..Sorry....

Ouch.. !! It was only when he told me where he was calling from I realised.. He meant my colleague !!! ... Sing Keong.. but I heard Sing Tel instead !!!!

Ai Yooo..Colleague told me the caller is from China.. Ahhh, he must think Malaysian women siao one... ai yooo so pai seh ler.....

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Monday, December 11, 2006
Meme Sei Sei...
The four things Me me..
I always tag Patrick.. now his turn to tag me back lorr..
padan muka I... :P

Four things many don't know:
[1] Don't know about me ?? Well, I plan to maintain it that way lor
[2] Don't know about life ?? We should always live for ourselves.. not for others..
[3] Don't know about themselves?? We can never improve what we don't know we don't know.. chim leh !!!
[4] Don't know about respecting other ppl's time ? Ya.. alot of ppl are not punctual ! It's terrible !! I detest waiting for ppl.. for no particular reason that is.... It is totally irresponsible and a waste of my youth !!!!

Four movies I can watch over and over:
None. I can enjoy a movie very much but I never watch an entire movie twice.. ok ok..... if you insist.. Four movies I wanted to watch over and over
[1] Titanic lor
[2] Hero (Got Jet lee, Tony leung, maggie cheung one leh.. the one the filmed at Jiu zhai gou..)
[3] Perhaps Love ( taka shi ta ka shi taka shiiii!!)
[4] Infernal affairs 1 2 3.... do re mi...

Four places I have lived:
[1] Lovely Penang Island
[2] Malacca
[3] Cyberjaya
[4] Kuala Lumpur

Four TV shows I love:
[1] Dr. House
[2] CSI series
[3] Desperate Housewives
[4] Now kinda enjoy the Amazing Race Asia...

Four places I have been on vacation:
[1] ShangHai ( I feel very si man there... the girls generally can be quite 'rough')
[2] Tokyo ( The food is GREAT!! but can get bored quite fast.. Did my first nude dip there. :P)
[3] Paris (aii.. din manage to kau any leng chai back)
[4] Cambodia (Beautiful place beautiful people, beautiful tourist --> ME lar :P)

Four of my favourite foods: ( not in any orders)
[1] Nyonya Pon Teh ..must be pork one !!!!
[2] Bak Kut Teh
[3] Amos Choc Chips Cookies
[4] sushipizzaspaghettibaskinrobinsicecreameggtarttaufufahnasilemakdurianthaimangoriceetc.

Four places I'd rather be:
[1] Any Cafe
[2] Any SPA
[3] Any Shopping mall with MEGA Sales
[4] ok lar. my bed also can lar.. dun wan sit in office now only.. :P

Currently listening to songs:
[1] Some Cheena songs
[2] Some Malay songs (now quite fond of Peterpan's Mungkin Nanti)
[3] Some English songs
[4] Negaraku (:P)

Four other people who will be tagged:
muahahahah !!
[1] Uncle LEE !!! Uncle, give me ur first time !!! :P let me intro you to something interesting of the blog world.. Memes !! It's some random questions/ tasks to do and then you tag( ie. pass the baton) to someone else. :P
[2] Nyonya Penang
[3] Yvy
[4] ikanbilis
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Friday, December 08, 2006
You call me AUNTY ????
Been occupied and totally forgot about this incident until my friend jokingly called me Aunty Loong for something blur that I said...
Last Sunday, in my quest to slim down and also to put my conscience at ease, I went to the miserable gym in my condo.
  1. total number of equipment can be count using fingers on one hand...
  2. the bicycle and machines aren't even connected to the power plug- I also duno how much calories I burnt.. ok ok.. Even very little also I must know mar.
  3. No fan no aircon.. nothing !!
  4. The room is even smaller than my second bedroom -- for condo standards !!!

Aii.. anyway, I was really gung ho and cycle cycle cycle.. for about 25 mins. Then I took a break and went to the common area to cool down. Walking in circles like my old hammy.. ( who is in heaven now).

Suddenly this little girl shouted from the pool, quite far la..


cilaka.. $%%$)@#$^$ !! Call me aunty ??? I belum kahwin.. anak separuh pun tak ada.. you call me aunty ???!!!

Luckily no other ppl are around to see me in that situation... ai yo... else I also duno where to hide.

Anyway, may be she mata sepet la.. you know lar.. nowadays kids very young wear specs d... hoh? I think must be lar.. sure she got eye problem...

Sming have to tipu sendiri.. ai. so cham...

WHY ?????????!!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, December 07, 2006
Half settled...
Nowadays very busy. Not much time to update my blog but these two days still can go blog hopping .. hehe.. Always out of office or dunno what I am doing also.. Hehehe..
Anyway, I had a very productive weekend. :)
I bought my dress for my registration. Very fast and decisive huh.. For a girl lar. Hehehe ! Went to a boutique that my friend recommended. Cats Whiskers at Damansara Perdana. Not bad ler. And the price is within my budget too.. Tried a few and show my bf the shortlisted one. The one I chose was almost banned by him.
" Eh. So low ah ???? Darn obscene leh ! We are going to a temple you know ??? Later the monk scold you then you know !!! ........"
Nag nag nag. Aii.. who say men dun nag ??? Very the kolot bf. Anyway, I shut him up with a lacy tube. Not as in I stuffed it in his mouth ler. But I add on one to 'protect' the view. But next time when I go for dinner, sure I will not wear the tube. :P
On Sunday, I booked my wedding photo package d. :) Fast huh. Actually when I was so hiao and went to take my 'model photos', I already surveyed ler. My personal album was very 'fake'.. So now I am looking for one that is more natural. Anyway, found one that suits my budget ... Marn's friend signed up with me. So we both have extra RM 1,400.00 worth of upgrades. I think I got a really good deal. Now .........just to slim down to look beautiful in my photos. And of course to think of what I want from my photos..
THAT is the hardest part... Aii..
Found accessories to match my dress on the registration day. Waaaa, I tell u hoh.. some cipalak accessories also selling at RM 120++.. Aii.. luckily my friend who is really into accessories brought me to this shop and I manage to buy something really presentable at a reasonable price !!
So that is settled.
I need to find a hairdresser to set my hair for the registration day. Any recommendation ? :)
The rest is just the dinner I guess. I don't care liao la. Take a break. But cannot have kit-kat.
Later pui pui bo sui...
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