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Thursday, January 18, 2007
Hehe.. Not on my wedding honeymoon but on my job honeymoon...
I am serving notice and therefore nothing much to do.. :P
Heaven .. everyday I come in check some mails, chat and start on my photobook project on my registration... Playing around with a few photo editing tools and also the new photobook I plan to do..
Hope to share when I am done..
Almost two weeks since I last updated my blog.
I was away to Langkawi Island. Not for holiday but a sad reason. My grandma in law passed away. It was really sudden. :( Feel sad as she had been waiting for so long for our wedding. Her eldest grandchild/grandson's wedding. For older people, it seems to mean alot to them. Anyway, I hope it brought her peace that finally we tied the knot and the chinese customary is on the way.
Bless her soul.
Came back and need to settle some stuff with HR- which kept me occupied and frustrated. Anyway, it is all settled and now I have time to relax. Blog. And hopefully blog visiting too... :)
A new year a new job. This would be my second jump in my career life. :P Haha.. My friends are surprised. Coz I think they have come to an impression that I would stay till I get a gold watch. :P
It's not so flexible at the new place. So hopefully, I can setup broadband at home ASAP.
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Friday, January 05, 2007
And I am someone's wife..
HAPPY NEW YEAR ~~~~~~~!!

A new year.. a new status....:)

Hehe.. what a start huh...

I am still not very used to it. Still refering to him as my boyfriend. Sounds really funny when I say my husband..

Also abit confused about what to call my in-laws. Am still calling them aunty uncle.. but many advise to change it to what my bf..oops.. husband calls his parents...

That KPC-cakap banyak assistant registrar told us to continue calling aunty uncle after the tea ceremony session.. Heheh.. which my mom find it irritating.. Hahah

yes, the registrar was so talkative.. hahaha....

Anyway, when I came out I was in a blur.. Haha.. And it was photo-taking session.. took alot of photos..

Looking back... seems like things could be better.. ( haha.. forever asking for too much..)

Some regrets... I feel like I din take enough photos with my husband. And in some photos, the people are incomplete.. Ie. when we two families took one photo.. My father in law wasn't around.. Then, sometimes my husband is hiding behind the crowd instead of standing next to me... hehe.. small little things like this..

I feel very rushed. Rushed to the registration room.. rushed to the blessing.. rushed at the end coz my brothers were 'crying' that they were hungry.. ah doi....

Aii... and my brother and mom said my hairstyle look like karipap.. :( and also my make up was too heavy. But, came out good in Wai Marn photos...coz she knew how to manage the lighting and flash. Also must take this opportunity to thank Marn for spending that 1 hour plus at the saloon with me for makeup and hair do.. not to mention also editing my photos.. :) She did a good job...

However, after seeing the photos taken all my friends and family( I think total of 7 cameras) I feel it is ok.. though not perfect but quite complete... :)
Actually I still haven't seen photos from another 3 cameras.. So may be my photos are complete after all... :)

hahah.. me very bad huh.. keep complaining only... :P May be now too full nothing to do.. aii sorry sorry.. I should be counting my blessings... :) To have so many ppl with me on the special day.. all took the trouble to be with me. :)

I am still trying to find words to thank everyone.. the presence and the wishes from my friends, relatives, blogger friends that made my special day extra special..

Thank you !!!

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