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Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Man! It has already been four years !!
Suddenly, I just remembered. It is our 4th anniversary !! Hehehe. Exactly when we started the relationship, we both also don't know. Blur case. Hahaha.
Later lar when I am in the mood I would write and explain why. :)
(Tarik harga first)

Anyway, time flies huh. I cannot imagine it has been already four years... :) This is my longest ever relationship. His one 5 years. Sien. **muka senget** One more year to out do that.
I know I know. Going to get married d.. the ex also married d.. also want to be jealous meh ? But perempuan memang like that one maaa.

Hmm.. How are we celebrating ? Don't know. Last three years, we never actually emphasize on our anniversary. May be becoz we don't know which date. Or may be it is so near to my birthday. Hehehe.
Anyway, we did a 3 in 1 celebration last year at Villa Dianalli. Came up to Rm 300+ for two of us. Typical Mr. Kiam Siap made noise la. Then I gave him my killer stare and said ...
"Tiga tahun satu kali, apa lu mau lagi ???"
That silenced him. :p
This year, we sort of going to celebrate it at Hadyai. Sort of== going with another 3 friends. And the idea was proposed by them. But, ok la. I am okie one.
Wedding anniversary dun cin cai cin cai can already. hahaha..
Going tonight. Taking midnight bus.
Sounds tired hoh.. But I am looking forward to this trip. Relax and clear the mind abit. :)
Well, till then !
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Monday, August 28, 2006
Let's learn some Mandarin proverbs
Mari murid murid, biar cikgu sming ajar sikit cheena saying.
First proverb.
Zi Tao Ku Chi.
Means sendiri cari one. More in a victim way. Example like you helped a friend, but things didn't really worked out well, but instead of appreciating your help, she blamed you. Then you can say, "Aii.. I really zi tao ku chi..."
Second one.
Yi Xiao Ren Zhi Xin Duo Jun Zi Zhi Fu
Direct translation means you use the heart of a 'villian' to measure the stomach of a Gentleman.
Funny hoh. How to explain ler ??
The best scenario I can think of.... mmmm....is you know a friend who is looking for a specific car to buy, you know of a good salesman and recommended it to her. Then she eyes you with suspiscion and think that you are trying to make profit out of it. That you are getting commission when you were helping her out of good will.
Then, you give it back to her right in the eye using this proverb. "You might thought of doing something like this, but I am not!! Yi xiao ren zhi xin duo jun zi zhi fu !!!!! "
I think two for today is just nice yeah..
Kinda negative proverbs.. To match my mood for today. Anyway, there are alot of these unappreciative b*tches in this world. So it is good to learn up so that you can use it.
Raise the beer glass.. drown those sorrows !!
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Thursday, August 24, 2006
Results of the Jewellary Fair
Immediately after the Jewellary Fair weekend, it was my trip to Siem Reap. So, that is my excuse for not blogging about it earlier.
Anyway, I have got my ring d !!
Yay !!
No pictures yet coz I am tarik-ing harga. For what ? I also don't know. May be coz my bf knows for sure I am going to marry him ( bought house together already, wedding ring also accepted d).. So I cannot tarik harga with him. I have to tarik harga here..
Pathetic hoh... Aii.. ini lah kisah sedih seorg perempuan yg bernama sming...
Anyway, we went into the fair. My bf was walking around, n bcoz I cannot tarik harga and he never give me a chance to tarik harga, I got angry.
We almost got in to a fight there. Almost no ring.. Aii.... we two lebih one la. Hehehe
So after we put all the childish acts behind, we walked like super cool adults to an exhibitor from Hong Kong. Ahem...
Saw a few rings -Okieeeee laaaaa.....
Then, suddenly my eyes fell on one of the rings... the earth moved.. the sky thundered...The mountains crumbled.. :P
Hehe. No lar.. Bluff you one laaa....
But it was really love at first sight. Discuss discuss, the sales girl bodek bodek abit...
I sort of made up my mind then d, (very fast - within 30 mins)
The size, the diamond, the price was just right.
But I have to walk around to make sure I had surveyed the market maaaa.. Anyway, after going around a few booths, the ring was like calling to me from the first booth, tugging my heart... i couldn't concentrate, and was worried that someone would buy it before me.... So, we went back and got the ring. :)
It was just my size..... NO need to re-adjust.
And I just have the feeling that the ring is just for me. hehehehe
I have done some pre-shopping before, but there was never a design that I really liked as this.
My bf also got his ring at the fair. Anyway, I am not sure if the groom is supposed to buy both rings or he would buy for me and I buy for him.
What's the tradition ?
Anyway, I told bf I would buy for him. Coz that would be the only ring he would wear and I want him to tell people it is the love of his life who bought for him. :P See, I so sayang you...
(Break for you all to go vomit)
I wore the ring for the weekend. I put it back in the box on the night itself. But I just couldn't resist, and wore it on Sunday to my brother's graduation.. flashing the ring the whole day.. :P- beh tahan me lah...
Anyway, I have taken it out coz I don't want to wear it to Siem Reap. My bf have asked me to wear it from now on. I don't want coz I know he is trying to worm his way out from proposing to me.. heheheh.
So far, I have been able to resist the temptation to wear it.. But I don't know for how long.
After writing this, my heart is itching again... So, I really don't know how...I have thought of few options d.

1. Wait wait wait wait to wear it after the registration.. Then only got 'feeel' ma....
2. Wait for him to propose. Wear it on the middle finger first and then change it after registration.
3. To hell to novelty.. already saw the ring what.. Just wear it !! Why keep it??? !!
4. Any suggestion from you guys ??? I particualarly like this one that my colleague suggested:
" Wear it and tell him it is a beautiful birthday gift. :P"

ok. Tell me what would you all do or what would recommend to me..... :)
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Monday, August 21, 2006
Revisiting the glory of Khmer Empire in Siem Reap ~14-17 Aug 2006~
I am back. Yay !!!
We made a trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia. This is where to famous Angkor Wat is. Angkor Wat has been my target next Wonder of the World after Eiffel Tower. Yay !!!
However, it is not until I planned my trip, I learnt that Angkor Wat is not the only jewel in Siem Reap. There are many more temples that is really beautiful that we seldom heard of.
Angkor Wat is the most famous one because it is the biggest and grandest temple. Also it signifies the peak of glory of the Khmer empire back in those good old days. ( I cannot remember when or who built it. Coz I was only interested in taking photos. Hehehe !! )
Anyway, there are plenty of temples around Siem Reap. May be dozens of them. Don't need to visit all of them and I will just highlight a few.
The Temples
The temples are built as early as in the 8th century. And the later ones are like early 13th century. And each was either built by different kings during their reign. So each king had built their own temples or rebuilt the existing ones. Generally, the temples are mostly made of sandstones of the Apsara dancers and with the influence of the Hindu religion. Apsara dancers are something like heavenly nymphs.... I didn't really listen - short concentration span. Anyway, this is an example of a carving of an Apsara dancer.
Also there are temples that have the influence of Buddhism, mostly after the 10th Century. However, many statues have been defaced or looted. Some are defaced during the war and some because the Hindus rejected the influence of Buddhism.
It's kinda sad to see the ruins of some temples.
But, the Cambodians are very proud and protective of their temples. Most temples are also now labeled as World Heritage by UNESCO. So I believe the temples would be really well preserved and that the next generations would definitely be able to go back to enjoy the splendour of the temples.
This series 'photo frame' design and hall way structure can be found in almost all the architecture. Very interesting...

The colours of the temples can be quite dull. So do wear bright coloured clothing if you all do go there. You would definitely stand out !! ( but avoid orange- else you would be like a monk ).. Hehehe !!

The temples are beautiful places to take photos. May be because I like ruins and old buildings. If I have the $$, I would go there and take my wedding photos. :P

Anyway, I will just share some photos of the temples that I really like and would recommend as MUST-GO.

Angkor Wat

Ini tak payah cakap banyak


Very interesting temple. A 'forest' of 4 faced statues representing the Buddha and also their current king which is really kind and loved by the people of Khmer. My favourite temple!!!

Banteay Srey

Loosely translate as the Citadel of Women. Also said as the most beautiful temple due to it's detailed carvings. Also one of the few temples made of pink sandstone.

Banteay Samre

A quiet temple that is really peaceful and interesting design.

Ta Prohm

Ahh.. This one is made popular by one of the paint advertisement. Was it Nippon or Dulux ? :)

I like it here too. Can take alot of nice photos. We took one with six of us posing witih splash of different bright colours. I should send it to the paint company and thus, we can be the next models in their advertisment. :P

Neak Pean

This is also one special one. This tower has four ponds surrounding it. So from the air, it looks like a red cross design. Ironically, it used to be a hospital too.

This is a spectacular view. I would call it a rainbow cloud. One of the rare masterpiece of Mother Nature. Interesting !! Taken by our guide. We were lucky that we have him. So we took alot of really nice photos. :) Would definitely recommend him to those who want to go to Siem Reap. I can give you his contact. Email me!

The people

The Cambodians are generally sweet, soft spoken and very honest people. They are also very polite and helpful people. I like them. :) Still very pure and untainted.

While I was changing money, at the money exchange, they leave stacks of money on the table top. :O

My first thought was "Hey, isn't that just attracting robbers ??" The guide said, "Nothing to worry about! It is really safe here."

Poor they might be, but they are contented with their simple life.

Another scenario is that when we were walking to pub street, this bunch of tuk-tuk drivers were asking if we need their service. We said no but we asked for directions. And they happily helped us. If it was in Hong Kong, I think they would just huffed a 'I-don't-know' answer and walked away.

Also when we were shopping at Central Market. Soo was bargaining for a bag. I was looking around and the man next stall invited me in to see more designs. Naturally I called out to Soo coz she is interested not me. That man instead of eagerly welcome the potential buyers, he chided me softly not to call out to my friend as it will interrupt the possible 'transaction'. Man ! They have intergrity !!!

This is a photo of a boy in a bucket. Paddling in the great lake of Tonle Sap. Waves can be quite strong so it is kinda scary to us (even that we are swimmers). But they will paddle to the tourists' boats, do some funny antics and thus, beg for money. These boys are very young at age. But they look very old and also with yellowish hair. Too much sun I guess. And with their hard work paddling and carrying things, the young men here have really toned bodies !! Six packs ? No problemo !!!

And this is typical house on the floating village of Tonle Sap. All in one room studio. And it is consider big d..They even have floating schools and churches too

The people drink, bathe and wash clothes from the same water of this lake. So, people, let's count our blessings. We are so much more well-provided here in Malaysia.

I went to Cambodia to see the great Angkor Wat, I came back respecting the simple people of Khmer.

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Friday, August 11, 2006
Rancangan Tergendala ~Harap Maaf~
Hehehe... As if I have been posting everyday huh....
Anyway, I am off for a short trip.. So would not be blogging for a week... But, stay tuned for trip updates.. :P
Am I excited? I don't know. I think I was. Until what happened last nite. My phone call to Sue that goes somthing like this.

Me: Hello....
Sue: What wind blow you here ?
Me: Air Asia.
Sue: HAR ?? What happened ?? Don't scare me aaaaaaaa...
Me: **terkejut also** Eh eh.. Nothing la.. Aii. Just wanna ask you to confirm the flight schedule for next Monday. Coz now we changed terminal d. From KLIA to LCCT. My fren ask me to confirm schedule worr...
Sue: ohhh.. I thought what happened.. okok. I'll call tomorrow.
Me: ok thanks...
~~~continue with other stuff like my 168.... her new house.. for like 5mins~~~
Me: So when you sending your mom back to home town?
Sue: This Sunday afternoon.
Me: Oh she is not staying till Monday ?
Sue: No lar. We are going off ma..
Me: Where are you all going ?
Sue: Eh.. what you talking ? You forgot about our trip ???
Me: Oops.......

Hahahaa!! How can it slipped out of my mind? This has been THE place I wanted to go since so long ago.(ok, it is one of THE places...hehehe).
Where have the excitement gone ?
This trip have been planned since last year. May be the excitement have worned off....

Anyway, let's hope we have a good one. :)
Don't miss me ah..

ps. Jewellary fair is this weekend. :P
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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
28 yrs ago... was my mom's first labour and birth of her first child. :P
There!! Now everyone know how old I am.. :P
Anyway, it is a good number.. yee fattt... hahaha
Aii.. Looking back of all my years. Not much accomplishment...sad to say.
Yat si mou seng...
Anyway, I don't care lah... Today is my ngau yat !! I will just celebrate !!!

Ever since I reach 21 yrs old, this date means I am getting older.. BUT, I still look forward and feel special on all my birthdays!! Looking forward to the phone calls, the smses, the emails, the dinners/lunches..... the PRESENTS!!!


Anyway, I will take this opp to thank everyone for their sweet birthday wishes..dinner/ lunch treats.. pressies....

Thank you for making me feel special today..

(ps. Espescially BBW that tahan with my nonsense and lagung jokes the whole day ! -AND the lomantic dinner at saujana resort last night.. :P)

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Monday, August 07, 2006
My "Golden" Advice
I was having dinner with a girl friend few days back.
And she was telling me about something I said to her earlier this year.
**Memory Flashback.. Blurry scenes**
Four girls in my car. I was driving them out for a all-girl thingy. Duno how it started and we were talking about our boyfriends and soon the conversation shifted to 'before and after'. How the guys treated the ladies differently before the ladies accepted them. Married gf was then telling about her husband.. Before and after marriage.. And soon the conversation was more like filing complaints.
Suddenly, without really thinking, I blurted out these 'golden words'. It was like an invisible hand broke through the clouds and touched my head. ( Exaggerate abit mar :P)
" Aii yaaa.. not only them change la. We girls also change lar. You say you all got change or not afterall these years? "
Everyone laughed in agreement and changed the topic. And, I have then forgotten ALL about it (means I still go and blame my bf: "Last time u not like this one !! Now u find me boring LAH" ) .
So only until that night, my girl fren reminded me about it. She said my words really made an impact in her relationship.
She realised, that she should not be blaming that only her bf changed after years of courtship; she herself had changed too. And arguements had reduce immensely since then.
An angel halo appear over my frizzy-haired head !!
Hahaha !!
She sort of thanked me for that. Anyway, her remark made me kembang the whole weekend. :P
So, I am posting this to remind myself and everyone who needed to be reminded.
Not to take your partner for granted. Things might not be as sweet or as mushy or as coochy poochy as it were.. but never let the love die, the romance disappear.
For the KPCs.. wanna know how I changed since I first pak taw with my bf four years ago ( Month end is our anniversary !!) ??
People who know me well enough would know that I do not bring tissue papers with me. During the courtship and when we first went out, I always have a pack of tissue papers with me. So after dinner or whenever he needs it, I will whip out a tissue for him. Ever ready..
So lady- like right ?? Hahahaha
Just few months after our relationship went steady, I went back to my good old self. No more tissues.
So he will go" Tissue leh?"
A very fierce reply will come " Sendiri take lar! You think I tissue dispenser ah ?"
Yeah.. that is how I cheated him. :P

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Thursday, August 03, 2006
Answer to Can Dogs Swim ?
Thank you everyone for answering my question.
A simple question. But it was fun to see everyone's answers.. Hehe.. Some sure. Some not so sure. One wanna talk about cats. One is a dog expert pulak
My shortest post but with most comments (appx. one third contributed by myself. :P)
I think a better question would be Can ALL Dogs swim ?
It all started when I saw this photo by a fren's fren on Kodakgallery.

Isn't this doggy cute??
( NOTE:- BBW, DOGS ARE NOT FOOD. DOGS ARE FRIENDS. Men's best friend in fact. )

hehe. I wonder if my brother's dog in Penang can swim.
She is of Akita breed. Name is BeBe. Stupid name right ? ( Bebe- suppose to mean sleep/ nap- my fat brother's baby talk **roll eyes)
I complained about the name for 3 days 2 nights. Until my mom asked me to get my own dog. Anyway, Bebe is with us more than one year d.
This is how she looked like when she came in Feb 05. Soooooooo Cute right ? I oooo and aaaa-ed all over her the whole Chinese New Year !!

And this in March 05. BIG difference right? When I first saw her again then, I blurted out: "EEE.........why you so BIG d ? Not cute d !!" As if she understand me. Hahaha .. But this one below is a nice IC/ passport photo of her. :P
I think she has stopped growing.. this is how she is during CNY this year. Not much difference compared to now.

See the noti face.. eeee. geram !! Aii I miss her....
My youngest brother wrestles with her.
She can be quite acquisitive. Sometimes she respond the me when she is in the mood. BUT she always respond ( SIT !!!! HAND!! TOUCH!!!!) when I have food in my hand. Sien...

Worse is she bullys me. :(
Jumps on me even when I shout " I beat you .....I beat youu......"
Aiii.. susah. Got school bully now got Buli di rumah pulak.

Anyway, this time my turn to bully her. I'll take her to the swimming pool in USM.
Can imagine our Muslim friends shouting: '"EH EH.... CIK !!!! TAK HALAL lar !!"
Oppps.. sorry. :P

OK. This is for BBW. Gotta be nice to him coz he is remembering my birthday. :P

Can cats swim ?

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006
Akademi Fantasia 4 Cash Winner worrr
I received this sms on my cell phone.

TAHNIAH.. Simcard Anda Memenangi hadiah cek Tunai RM.9000 dari AFM . Sila hubungi: <15> Terimakasih

These people think I am LULU ah ?

Can you believe these people ? First they spammed our mailbox. Now they are spamming our cell phones !!!
That day I received at least 20 sms of the same sms from this restaurant promoting their latest set lunch. I deleted until my fingers sakit.
At least emails you can reply to request them to remove you from the receipient list or block these emails under SPAM/ JUNK mail.
I think it is about time for the service providers to come out with some spam management product for mobile phones.
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Can Dogs Swim?
Question of the day.
Answers to be revealed in the next post.
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