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Thursday, November 30, 2006
Jittery.. Cold feet.. I am a mess !!!
Jittery.. I also dunno y... Too many things on my mind
Cold feet ? Coz the aircon here is so cold....
I am a mess becoz I duno where to start.. what to do .......... ( for my wedding)
Aii.. proposal and wearing the ring sounds so fun and romantic huh...preparing the registration is ok too.. not a breeze be manageable... now reality sinks in and it is the preparation of the WEDDING..
aii.. I am always so kan chiong.. register pun belum.. diet pun belum start.. hair belum cut.. dress belum buy but now thinking about wedding photos.. and the most headache--->
Aii.. until my bf also say he cannot tahan me liao..
aii. how to get married ler ?
Seems like there are alot of things to do to get married.. the dates the place.. and MONEY.. to totally disregard the norm might make the elders feel disrespected... To follow, it will seem like it is not my wedding, not my party.. Aii.. My bf is the eldest son of the eldest son... his grandparents are still around.. Hmm.. tricky tricky.
I am the eldest daughter of the eldest son.. but my grandmothers dun care liao la I think.. My mom's mom is 95 yrs old. I think she don't really remember I am her grand daughter. Except the days I brought back double-yolk mooncake for her.. :P
My dad's mom.. however .. is only too please that I am marrying a Chinese.. hehehe.. my ex bf is a Chin-dian. I think that almost killed her. :P
And as if the preparation is not headache enough.. as if the preparation is fully sponsored by someone.. I want to sign up for a make up course now...to learn how to ICI dulux my face.. hahah.. Aii. apa sming ini sedang buat ? apa yg dia mau ???? sudah siao liao...
Aii.. anyway, that day his mom was talking about babies d..ME giving birth to babies ??? I just got used to the feeling of going to be married.. now want me to be mommy ??? !!! o-<-<
Luckily she's not directly talking to me.. If she does so, I will just have a heart attack... and faint. Same old tactic.. same old trick.. as long it works I dun care.. kiu mm pa gau, jui gan yew sau !!! :P
I also duno what I am talking about here. Or what message I am trying to relay...
Yawn.. can't wait to get off work to have Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa...
There goes my diet.
I hope the fad of cute chubby brides start soons !!!
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Friday, November 24, 2006
I have already become a KIASU si lai
Kiasu I think everyone know la.
Si lai is aunty in Cantonese...
Ya, less than a week I moved to my office. I can see I had become a kiasu si lai.. How ?
It all shows in my journey to work every morning.
I am taking LRT now. So either my beloved drop me at the LRT station or I park my car there.
Once I get down the car, I would walk.. No it is MARCH to the platform. Hurriedly.... Everything is quite relax till the train comes. First thing is to get myself into the train WITH a seat. The eyes hawking for seats even before the train stops. Once in the train, with a seat, things will be relaxed. I will close my eyes and rest. Once in awhile I would open my eyes to check I am not depriving any pregnant woman or elderly people of a seat. Hehe.. still good girl la..
If no seat, aii.. then it is kiasu time to hold on to something so that I won't fall lor..
Then once I reach the interchange station. Waaa... The mode switch to 'battle'. Grab my handbag, get of out the train ASAP.. Rush to the nearest exit. Rushing down the stairs, trying to over take people who are slower. The face also turn one kind.. you know like everyone owe me money like that.... So that I would be ahead of the crowd at the checkout queue.. Then again, rush to cross the road, bumping into people. And I am sad to say sometimes, actually most of the times, I din even bother to say sorry. :(
Then again walking, I mean, rushing down the escalator to the other LRT station.. Then make sure I find the shortest queue.. Then, attempt to relax... But always watching how the queues are moving...When the train comes, and reaches my turn, waa.. battle mode higher one level... Try to squeeze in the LRT..Dun care got space or not. Just butt my way in.. like everyone. If I have to smell some one's armpit, I will deal with that later. Once in the cramped LRT, again I would put on a super long face, as if to tell ppl
" I very fierce one ahh.. don't mess with me ahhh !!"
Then, I have to hold on to my hand bag and keep an watchful eye of it. Also always hugging it in front. Ya.. protect my assets maa.. although sudah nak kahwin but also must take care... :P
Luckily only few stops... Sometimes, to exit the LRT I have to elbow my way out even though I have said "Excuse Me", coz some ppl just won't budge !!!!
But it does not end here..
After the exiting LRT, I would brisk walk up the escalator.. Normally, I would just stand aside and watch ppl one where got so kiasu.. Then brisk walk to my office. New office.. why?
Becoz the new office got stewpid lifts.. very slow one. Horror stories that once they had to wait HALF AN HOUR to get a lift down after work.. :O
So, at the lift also kiasu, if I don't get into the lift, I don't know how long I have to wait for the next one !!!!
Aiiii.... like that lor. It only end when I am in the office. And the cycle starts again when I go home.. But only half the journey... Coz the second interchange LRT is not that packed... But enough to stress me out and also make me feel so kiasu .. and so si lai.. :(
Sheh hui geh chor.... Society's fault lor...
No one to blame.. hehehehe..So blame the society lor.. :P
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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
Burying my single life.....
Just moved office to another building. Brand new environment. More jam. More hassle. Less food. Less privacy. That is why so few updates.
Only thing good is that the mirror in the ladies room is huge !! And, ample supply of toilet paper.. :P

Anyway, finally submitted my form for the Registration of Marriage. :)
Should not be a problem for the date I chose. Unless, some siao lang go n bantah our union of love !!
Ok.. let me share my experience so you can avoid some of the borobodoh things we did or did not do….. :P
First was choosing the date…well, I am not super superstitious to go and see feng shui master to choose date.. ( actually no money la) But, I also kiasu and kiasi.. dun wan to choose a date that is totally inauspicious.
So what to do? Mom gave the similar I-don’t-know reply. His mom again said.. “Every day is a good day !!!” The big calendar doesn’t seem to be helpful… Thank god got 8enji… who thank god is really 8 enough to find this online tua pek gong book

It is very helpful.. dates, timing and stuff… Too bad it is only for those who know how to read mandarin.

Next is the form… Aii.. my bf very smart go n download the form. So we very happy la.. no need to go there maa. Coz we are so used to e-documents.. Income tax also e. KWSP also e… so tot got e-marriage form laaa….Mana tau when submit, kena tendang balik.. must use ORIGINAL form.. So, ppl, if there are any marriage form online.. it is ONLY for your reference… Aii.

Then hoh, only one form is needed. The website said two forms.. so we wrote on two forms.. paste two photos and got the Commission of Oath to sign on two of the downloaded forms.. aii yo.. which is of course of no use d.....Donated the money to the Commission of Oath ..... :P

Lastly, is for those whose address on the IC is not in the same state. Either you go change your IC address or at the temple/church, ask for a letter to acknowledge that ... haha.. I also din read.. but that is needed if you are not local in the state that you are going to register. Ie me from Penang, wanna register in KL... this surat pengakuan also require the Commission of Oath to sign. But if you go to government office to sign the papers, I think you need to go back to the state you are in.. or something like that.. which I think it is abit more hassle.

Anyway, finally, we settled it….. And my single life is coming to an end by new year 2007. :)
I wonder when I fill up forms, would I tick the wrong column…..
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Monday, November 13, 2006
Sua Ku goes to Powerman @Lumut
Right, Sua Ku is me.. Wa si sua ku ! :P
This is my first time going to this kind of event. As a spectator, not a contestant of coz. For other sua kus like me... This Powerman is actually a series of dualthon. I think it is spelt this way. Means Run-Bike-Run..The distance is actually 10km-60km-10km or 4km-30km-4km respectively.. That is the full event and the sprint event.
Some knowledge to show off: Powerman series is a BIG event nd alot of ppl around the world came for this event. Apparently, PowerMan Malaysia is the only series in Asia or South East Asia that allow the participants to collect points in order to qualify for the main PowerMan in Switzerland..
Anyway, lazy person like me.. why am I there ? No prize for those who guess the correct answer.
Ya lar, superman bf wanna go join for the first time. He signed up for the sprint event ( 4km-30km-4km )... Somemore he had stomach upset on Friday. But on Saturday he was so gung ho and woke me up at 530am. Oh well.. I had to lor. I dreamt he told me he couldn't make it.
Anyway, I did enjoy myself there. The race started at 1pm. Ya, siao one.. So hot.. So were the ppl there... hehehe... there were alot of hot guys there... with super lean body !!!
It was an experience !! You know, seeing ppl pengsan at the finishing line.. hehehe..
World number 1&2 of dualthon event was there.. cool-nya and they were super fast. I cannot believe the bicycle they use is RM 50K and above.... 0_0
No surprised that they came to the finishing line first and the second.. But, when the second runner up came and after raising his arms in victory, he dropped himself into the arms of the officials and they practically have to drag him to the rest area. Was too shock to take photos.. but not after that.....
Photo 1. This lady from Hungary was number 3 in the Elite group in the full event. She just sat down and refused to move after crossing the finishing line..But she is ok after resting.
Photo2. Then this guy terus pitam as he reached the finishing line.. He pushed himself too much I guess. But he got 2nd in his age group... Very drama one.. They took him away on the strecher...But he was up and fresh by dinner time.
Photo3.Then this uncle also very geng.. it was just like both his legs went stiff and he just flopped down with his legs stiffly straight. Like they were cemented...Luckily his wife and someone was around to support him..
Photo4. This guy just end up being high and just draped himself over bags of ice and stand kangkang for ppl to take photo.. haha.. really funny !!
I heard that there is another lagi drama one. That guy din even finish the first running part. Sampai mulut berbuih-buih....the ambulance had to whisk him away...
I guess it is the heat.. Start at 1pm leh.. it was scorching !!!! Luckily it rained halfway.. Else more would have pengsan.... But I do salute all of them.. whew!! Even if they come back but they finished it the whole thing !!! For me, I would have pengsan at that starting line. Even if not, I will pretend to have heart attack and faint to escape the whole thing.. ngiek ngiek !!
So, what did I do ? Other than waiting for my bf to come around the corner and wave at him ??...I watched guys, alot of leng chai's and sexy guys... lagi wear tight tight one...Take photos lor... heheheh..:) Dun jeles ya.. I took photo with this two leng chais..The older one won 4th place in the Elite category. He is from Spain. :P
Ok.. let's go back to the normal activities that sming would do when she go on a trip.. :)
The next day, so happened my colleague Thiong was back in Lumut and he found out we were around. And he was so kind to take us to Kpg Koh for super nice fuk chow loh mee and red wine mee suah.. and the prawn mee. My bf had his curry mee again...Then to Sitiawan for the nice nice biscuit.. Fresh from the old traditional charcoal 'oven'...
Then to Teluk Batik to hang out.... See this guy.. So hot also he wanna go down to the sea with the tube.. so have to bring his umbrella..so funny... :)
Then we went to buy some stuff and went back to the hotel.
Saw some of our newf-ound friends who were in the race. Talked and chatted... at the beach waterfront.. ya.. Lumut is beautful now !!
Then we left at 1pm.
On the way back to KL, we stopped at Kuala Selangor. Had some seafood and I saw this 168 car parked outside the 168 coffee shop.
Ya I think my 168 misses me. Calling me home.... :)
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Monday, November 06, 2006
And that is why I said yes...
I have been going out with my bf for 4 years plus. It has been fate that brought us together. I really believe so. We could have easily brushed each other shoulders and went on our own way. But, Lady Fate made sure we met, by choice we brought our relationship to another level and maintained it over the years.
At times we are very different as we are very similar. Haha.. funny way to say things huh.
I am a romantic freak. He is practical person. He will say no to a romantic dinner for his birthday and settle for a curry mee with duck drumstick. 0_o Of course I din let that happen !!
I love food. Variety and quality( the price also). He is someone who just go for chinese food and doesn't like to try new stalls. Boring I would say.
I love to travel. See new things. If he ever travel, he would just go for mountain climbing, snorkeling ( now he wanna upgrade to diving), water rafting, etc.. you know, those activities that will get you all tired and dirty..
I am a couch potato. I love to sleep late. Never a morning person. However, he is a person who would wake up early in the morning for a run or swim. And now he is going for all the 10km run and trithalon or bithalon.. 0-<-<
( oh ya I went to the Subang Jaya 10km run- reach there before 7 am.. and first thing came to my mind.. " waa alot of siao ppl also hoh" hehe.. anyway, to the runners, no offense ya !! I know me the sleeping addict is also considered siao to those who love to run/ exercise in the morning..)
Ever since we bought the condo in 2004, we have always fought over the installation of aircon in the room. I wanted it. He din want it. Everytime he would agree then another month or so he would bring up the subject and say NO. But, when we were furnishing 168, he actually wanted to install two aircon. He told me, "You asked for one, I give you two." :)
He is not someone who does housework. But, he will always wash the dishes for me. He knows I am allergic to detergent. :)
He might been lazy at times and give a fuss when I ask him to help with housework. But, still he would do it eventually.
I have a bad temper and am always egoistic. But he would always give in to me and bear with my outbursts. Sometime I have to salute him for tolerating me over the years. Therefore, over the four years, we never had a bad arguement.. No over night grudge. But I must say, this record is at a test after we move to 168.. But I am sure we will work things out. :)
There are many more examples that he has given in to my needs and wants.
He always tell me, if you are happy, I am happy. :)
Anyway, that is why I said yes when he popped the question last Friday. :)
Ps. I think I din make it obvious enough coz some ppl asking me .. Yes, it is a wedding proposal. :P
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Friday, November 03, 2006
Intruder at 168 !!
Less than a month, my worst fears has started......... my house is invaded by ONE cicak !!!!!!!!!!!!!
OK.. I know I am exaggerating. But I can't help it... Me Leo ma :P
Yesterday, we came back from work.. and I saw that little gross geli wat-tart ugly brown reptile running on my floor...
The first thing I said, or screamed was.. " NOoooooooooo... so fast got already ah ??!!"
My bf thought it was siu keong or cockroaches.... So he was relieved but I was traumatised.
I hate cicaks. I detest them.. I am also terrified of them.
When I was young and short, about 6 yrs old, it was a night we came back from Eden cake house... My parents used to take us there to do 'shopping'.. I will go and find the most colorful cakes... Get a piece go home eat the icing and leave the cake to don't know which poor victim.. Either my aunt or my dad I think hahaha...
ok. sorry, side tracked.. :P
So, I was carrying my cake and wanted to place it on the dining table before I climb on my chair and start ny feast.. THAT geli creature duno how made its way from the table to my neck and used my body as an escape route !!.. the slimliness and geli-ness plus my body kena violated as caused a childhood terror that still haunt me till now.
Sien sien sien sien. I don't know how to get rid of it... it's too fast for me. Already hiding before I can get my broom and I don't want it's tail to detach and contaminate my 168!!!
Ahhhh... :(
Anyway, I only saw one bug in my house yesterday. I hope it will be starved and leave as suddenly as it came.
On a separate note, this Sunday I am going to join the Subang Jaya run. Me the 3km run. My bf the 10km run. Becoming his passion and I am the victim of the whole situation. :( He forced, duped me to join that fun run. And also involved a common fren with her bf. :(
Now I want to pretend to be sick or find the excuse also cannot. Caused pai seh with the fren. She joined because my bf again duped her saying I want to go but no one teman me.. Sien.. most sien thing is I have to wake up 5 something am.. :( which is impossible laaa !! :~(
Ah_loong_siu, lying is a sin !!!!!!
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Wednesday, November 01, 2006
Memoirs of a Rubbish Collector 2
Part 2...
Little garfield. Been with me 10 years d !! :O
See how old I am.... But I never once take it out of the box. It was a present from some guy I don't like. I mean as frens we are cool. But he likes coming over to my house any time he likes. He just call and say, " Hey I am coming over !! Bye!!" Never once ask if it is ok for me. So this time I got so pik chik I din even open the door for him and just took the toy and walked in. I think it was my birthday present. Thinking back, I can be quite mean huh ?
And I also found a really funny note !! I took a photo for remembrance..
Let me translate for those who don't read Mandarin.
NyTan swears that he will give Superboy to sming (His sister). If he said he never swear to give sming Superboy, he would have to give sming $100.
NyTan is my youngest brother. In my vague memory, I remember it was I that wrote this 'contract' and forced my brother to sign it. Ahh.. how childish can I be ya???
Aii even my dog also mou ngan tai.....
Anyway, I cannot find superboy in the midst of my rubbish.. Hmm.. so I should collect the RM 100 and go Jagoya right???
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