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Sunday, March 18, 2007
Hibernation---- DONE
It has been so long since I last saw this screen.. :P
To those who have been dropping by all these days..thank you so much for not forgetting me..
I am so sorry that I have not been updating my blog or visiting ur blogs for so long.
As you all know I can no longer surf during working hours and yes, I have still not set up internet connection at my home...
yaya.. procastinating again. :P
So to feed my internet bug, I have only been checking mails in my in- laws place .. they are on dial-up.. And by the time I am done with the emails, I am already dead tired of waiting or ready to smash the computer to continue blogging. :P
Now, I am at Starbucks. :) Online with a coffee while waiting for my hubby to finish his work ( yes, I am already comfortable in calling him that.. earlier was still calling him boyfriend... heheh.. friends have been looking at me as if I am having an affair. :P )
I do feel as if I am very busy but I can't recall any productive work I have done so far. hehehehe
Work for me is good. I have started my projects and gone customer visiting..
Colleagues are nice to me.. :) They just got their bonus for the year.. and I was like a sad puppy looking at them going out to collect their letter. It's a funny tradition. The boss will call each person into a room and pass the letter that states the bonus, increment and promotion if any, individually. Then, he/ she will gather feedback from the employee. I am not sure if this is the case for most companies. But for me, this is something different. Very different...
Anyway, they came back and said they will all buy me lunch .. as if to nurse my broken heart.. hahhaha so sweet of them..
It's their own tradition too.. to treat the newbies who did not get their bonus.. hehhe.
Another colleague got promoted !! Which is quite a big thing as our corporate structure is quite flat. So he will be buying us a separate dinner !! And, they say the boss would be buying us lunch or dinner for CNY or may be employee birthdays....Oh my !! HOW AM I GOING TO BE ON DIET for my wedding ??!!!
Talking about my wedding.. I think should be ok ler..
Aii although I have cut down alot of the customary traditions and stuff.. I find there is actually alot of things to plan and organize.. Whew.. Finally I understand when my cousin told me this
" Hey Ming !! He proposed to me !! It was all sweet and romantic.. bla bla bla bla...."
After swooning, she added this
" Aii, and now the headache part... getting married..."
I couldn't comprehend her then.. I tot she was crazy... Isn't the getting married part the BEST part ??? !!
Oh well, now I know WHY she said it.
No matter how we try to make it as simple as possible.. It is not just an affair between two people. Families come in... and they come in with different expectations. And the most important and challenging part is to manage these expectation without hurting feelings and maintain harmony..
Anyway, I am glad through this planning, going through the disagreements and stuff... the love, the bond between my husband and I have strengthened.. :)
Hahaha okie... ya ya.. I hibernated and woke up as a honey bear... talking as if I have honey in my mouth... hehehe
OK.. a long one to 'compensate' for my long absence... :P
take care everyone.. and I will visit all of you all soon
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