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Sunday, May 27, 2007
Shopping Spree !!
It is 8.35 am on a Sunday morning.. I have been waiting whole week for weekend so that I can sleep late... where my dreams won't be waken abruptly by that irritating alarm clock.

But now, I am here sitting here, blogging.

How come? Hmm... let me try to think through this fogged mind... Well, it started with that few helicopters flying over our condo. Imagine... four of them... and I am staying at the highest floor. Gee... I tot we were going into war..

But I guess they are just preparing for 2 June.

I waved my middle finger at them and they are gone for good..
Just kidding.

The reason I couldn't go back to sleep is I keep thinking about the G2000 shirt I had my eyes on.
Can you believe this?
How shallow can I be huh? At least be thinking about my wedding issues also not so bad hoh...( I wouldn't go into the plight of African kids here- me not running for Miss Universe)
It all started when I was at KLCC last Friday... Saw this shirt .. it was about RM 111 after discount.. But I stood there for like 5 mins , debating to myself if I actually needed a new shirt.. End up din buying coz the day before I spent RM 320 at L'occitane on hair care ( but it was worth it !!) and I don't think I really like it that much... (note this)

So, I guess I just needed to buy something so I went and bought this expensive instant noodle at Isetan...the Korea one lar.. red red one leh....
Then, ah marn called.. went to Body shop and due to the maybank card additional 10% on the existing discount, I indulged in a ylang ylang sensuous shower gel..
I actually still have 2 more shower gel at home ( unopened)..
After that, Marn and I dropped by at G2000 outler and found out there is additional 10% on the shirt with G2K loyalty card.. but she din bring her card... but sort of plan to meet up on Sunday at the Curve...Aii... itu lar.. triggered my want for the shirt...
Yesterday at One U pulak found out that I can enjoy the additional discount with my HSBC card... I wanted to buy d... but the two outlets in One U dun have the color I want.
sii then the insanity started lar..... can't get my mind off it d....
Something is wrong with my grey matter.. VERY WRONG...
I am spending alot in the past month that alot of guys would think is immaterial stuff (1K on skincare, bodycare, haircare -excluding the prepaid facial package I signed up for)..
most ladies would be on my side...
But I was never like that.. once in awhile may be but not in such a short period !!!
What's happening to me????
Anyway, later I am going to the curve to get that shirt.. if dun have my color, then I get another shirt.
I think I have a problem...

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Sunday, May 20, 2007
It has been so long
My last post was like two months back !!!
hehe I got my broadband about a month ago.. but I guess the 'momentum' of writing and updating this blog just slipped away..
I had been busy .. doing what also I don't know. Aii.. ups and down of preparing my wedding.... ( I think more of downs than ups.. can't remember any happy thing except my wedding photos which some ppl poured cold water saying I look fat.. so that goes to 0 Ups and many Downs... DARN !!!) ... well, which is now less than a month away.
16 June 2007...
Friends will ask is everything settled? Hehe.. I also don't know actually.. it seems there is so many things that I have not done but I can't really think of what it is... I think mostly is the itinerary of the morning session.. which my husband said it will be confirmed once his mom discussed with his grandfather.
aii.. if I wasn't involved this round, this is the time I would ask, What does it gotta do with the grandfather??
Now, I know I am so ignorant....... aiiiiiiiii......... It has everything to do with each and everyone of the family. There will be comments, uninvited suggestions.. which I have to take into consideration. becoz again, a wedding is not a union of two love birds.. but two families.. whether you like it or not....oh well...
So long.. farewell to my dream wedding....
Well, actually it is already long gone.. I would really like to have a beach side wedding...where my husband and I would dance and kiss with the sun setting behind us.. mmm... so romantic hoh...
But, dream is a dream.. not practical here and imagine the elderly relatives trudging over the sand to get to the washroom.. some might just trip and fall....
I guess now, what I should really focus is... a happy marriage, a husband who loves, respect and provides generously to my needs( both emotional and financial) and me, in turn,will love him, respect and support him, and take care of him...
That is something that lasts a life time and what is most important in a marriage...
Don't you think so?
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