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Tuesday, June 26, 2007
6 months of preparation, over in a blink

Again I wasn't been very prompt on updating my blog.. Did a draft but then was too occupied with my photos to continue.

Anyway, the title is what I feel right after the wedding.

The wedding ceremony,wedding dinner part 1 and part 2 is done. It is like it is over in a flash...

After that it was relief. Oooo.. it was finally over !! Thinking back, overall I was glad how my wedding came out to.

The morning tea ceremony was fun not to mention warm and touching... But zhi mui came really early to prepare for the heng dais.. haha.. I hope they had fun coz from the video I saw the heng dais...were.. well... a bit too ganas to me lor.. hahhah

Well the best part was tht my grandma of 97 years old managed to come....Thanks to Aunty Yoke...

It was a very touching moment to all of us. Espescially when few months ago, we almost lost her...

When I kneeled and offer her the tea, she was shaking, overwhelmed with emotions. My mom and I was near to tears and my Aunty Yoke, was already weeping.

It was a very simple ceremony but very much full with love and happiness. :)

I felt the dinner went out quite well... of coz with some normal hiccups and so. But overall, we were very happy about it. But of course, there were complains about the food and service. I felt bad but I guess these things happened. Anyway, at least I realised something that is REAL friends won't complain, coz the main reason for them to be there is not the food, but you...

The dinner in Penang was a typical chinese wedding dinner at a chinese restaurant. Also chosen by my in- laws. I have to be really grateful that my mom was very understanding as she wanted it in a hotel... At least, my husband and I won't be caught in between.

Anyway it was more of our parents' party.. Hahha.. Imagine for 35 tables only 1 table is my guests and 0 is Eugene's.. hahhaa.. we are down to 1-0 ... Like some football scores huh !!!

Being a Leo, I enjoyed the lime light alot. :P
I have the feeling like I am a super star (dreaming).. Well, it is like once I am done with my make up and I go out to meet the guests... everyone whom I know and will come over and greet me and say how beautiful I am.. everyone who don't know me will look and look .... Small young girls are 'fascinated' the whole bride thingy.... Imagine that in Penang, there were two young girls who came up and asked if they can shake hand with me and then left in a car....It is like they asked the parents to stop the car and came in to shake hand with me...

And cameras are all pointing at you.. you smile at this camera, then you smile at the other one..and another .... I love taking photos...so I enjoyed it !! hahahaha

Everyone is happy for you, congratulating you, wishing all the best, giving us pressure to have full moon party next year... aii... 0-<-<

I am glad to say when I think back, it is more of happy memories on my wedding... and am glad the entire headache during the planning period is over... ( make that VERY glad)...

As I said, not everything was up to my standard or expectations. But I decided not to think about it. It was over and I couldn't do anything about it. So why dwell on it right???

To those who are getting married or preparing to get married, just remember that Murphy Law applies...Mother in law rules !!
So chill out, dun be too hard on yourself, enjoy the process and be happy !!!
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Saturday, June 09, 2007
One more weekend !!!!
Yes !! Next weekend it is !! The day I have been planning almost half a year..... the day i have been dreaming of since hit puberty !!

How am I feeling now? After the ups and downs during the planning stage, I am now just feeling nervous, anxious and jittery !!

Well, it is not about getting married to him.. ( I am married to him anyway !!) But, just worried what things will go wrong on that day.... what have I not done to prevent such.... ya.. I know I worry too much but I just can't help it.

I am still on diet... well just started last week.. so god help me....

and becoz of my hormone imbalance, I am having pimple breakout... and I only went for my facial sessions diligently 6 weeks ago... and to think I preached to my good friends that there is no need to go for facials for ones' wedding.. man, what a hypocrite I am huh... hahaha

So there is just weekend more..... what have I done?

ok, done my slideshow of our photos to entertain the guests.. oh well.. actually that's the only time I can force everyone to look at our photos.. hahhaha

Already came out with the itinerary of the day and got it confirmed with my family and in-laws....

Assigned responsibilities to my brothers and close friends for the morning and dinner session... see that my zhi-muis are making preparation to be a 'wonderful' host to my husband and heng dais... **smirk**

got my make up artist.. just waiting for her to call to confirm on time and stuff.. already found a make-up style that I would like

found a photographer - sent a few photos to him to let him the style I would like him to capture for me on that meaningful day

Found a MC.. got ffk by the MC but he was sweet enough to get me a replacement MC... met MC to discuss on the dinner's event.. looks ok to me except he keeps saying my hubby is good looking and over stressed that he is not gay that we are getting suspicious.

Anyway, I am ok with gays as long they stay away from my man.

The first MC was supposed to my dai kam gong.. but due to him ffk-ing me and my mom's strong protests.. I had to cancel on him.. oh well... save the $$ to prepare food for my zhi muis better lar...hehehhe

sent out the wedding invitation cards...chase ppl for them to RSVP.. to those who RSVP-ed without me prompting, thank you so much !! I really appreciate it !! :)
( anyway, anyone knows what does RSVP stands for? )

done with the seating arrangement.. THIS was a big headache ...aiii ...

now to print out .....
met up with the sound system guy and roughly go through some stuff...

Borrowed projector from my husband's close fren.. yeah... save on rental there !! :)

looks like I have done alot ya.. but there are still things to be done.. aii.. getting ready angpow, clean house.. decorate house.. collect gown ...bli bla bli bla.. aii... pengsan...
and to think that I have another dinner in Penang.. aii double pengsan

anyway, this is what I have done today...

Hehe... this morning after the last facial before the big day, I went shopping.. and while looking through stuff, I got this light bulb over my head... Hehe..
ta daaaaaaaaahh..

I did my own guestbook.. hehhe.. i was again preaching to dunno who that I don't need one.. and again it is proven I can be such a hypocrite huh.. hehehhe.. anyway, I like the idea of a self made one .. with the amount spent, I can get a red-red-cheena-but-still-presentable one.. of coz, the meaning is so much different now.... :)

But it is not done yet...
Still need to tie the papers together with a satin ribbon.. got class leh...
But ..can't find my hole puncher...
Darn !!

Other than that, I skinned my two bottles of 'champagne' and dressed them up.. nice or not... hehehe
( it's sparkling juice ... takkan I buy champagne meh ... wanna buy also buy and stay home n 'diap' lar...where got go up stage and let my hubby splash all over the stage ler.... )

ok.. and also, my wedding photos is up on the wall d... got a guy to drill drill... another one in my bedroom.. malas to go in and take photo.. hahahahaha

oh..well... count down to

16 June 2007

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