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Thursday, September 28, 2006
Never listen to a workoholic BF
I should be on MC !!!
Yesterday after lunch, my nose started running all over the place. And I have been ensuring the whole office know of my presence by sneezing every 5 mins.
This morning after snoozing for few times, I wonder y the time on my mobile phone is still showing 730am. Anyway, I was feeling better but feel that I have not fully recovered despite sleeping at 930pm last night. My throat is itchy.. I am lazy. I restarted my mobile phone ( macam Windows only).. Oh. 810am. I have snoozed 4 times without noticing it.

I told my bf I want to go on MC. He started nagging me ... said I m ok already y so lazy.. go to work lar.. bla bla bla...
And once I am in the car my nose start running again.
Reach this office I called him
Me: I hate you lar
Him: HAHAHA.. why ler?
Me: My running nose started once I am in the car...
Him: Ai ya.. I told you d. Your Tan Sri asked me to watch out for you..you lazy girl !!
Me: Watch what watch ? You sick you want to work your problem lar. I say I sick I want to stay home.. I stay home ok? Next time you don't so KPC !!!
Him: Hahahaha.. Very funny lar you.. Ok ok
Me: Laugh what laugh.. faster say...
Him: ** say some mushy mushy things that have to be censored**
Me: Ok.. Next time just keep quiet ok ?
Him: Yes yes..
Me: Mmm.. good.. Bye !!

Later about 1030 am, I called him again.
Me: I hate you.
Him: What happened ?
Me: I am feeling cold lar !!
Him: Wanna take MC or not?
Me: Now only say? This morning who force me to work ?
Him: Ok Ok...sorry....
Me continue to ngam ngam cham cham......
Ai, poor bf.. Kena hentam. Coz I bad mood when I am not feeling well...
Actually, I also have doubts staying at home. His house is under renovation. Sure very dusty.. Sure very noisy.. how to sleep worr.. But, if this morning, he said stay home lar.. I would pull my covers and go back to sleep. So, I blame him lor.

Anyway, I am not feeling well and still here at work. (Only take few mins to blog abit)
Hmm. this time I sure get Employee of the Month d !! :P
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Monday, September 25, 2006
My wallet is bleeding !!!
It all started because I sent my car for 'check-up'...
My front passenger door was giving me some problems.. I can't open from inside nor from outside with the key. Cannot get it or out to that side of the car...
So when my bf drives my car, I get to be the tau keh... hehe
Also, I suspect my boot was leaking coz it is smelling moldy...
So, before going to clean my 168 ( yes!! It is renovation finally finished !!), I sent my car to the workshop..
Man, my boot was flooded.. EWwwwwww......
The guy said for my boot, if it is because of the rubber it is going to cost me RM 85. Hmm.. ok..But the board and carpet would be more expensive RM 115 and RM 200 each. :O I told him i would just take the papan lar.. Ori one.. no other "third party product".. Darn proton.. one papan also RM 115.00.. Aii...
Then my door.. if it is the motor, it's RM 45, else if it is the lock.. RM 120..
So after checking, my boot is because of some sponge at the back light.. RM 40 only.. Then the door is because of the motor.. So plus the papan, damage is only RM 200.
Hehe. I was feeling slightly relieved la. So before I left for them to fix, I backside itchy and ask them to check my brakes ( giving some sounds when I brake) and my absorbers...
So go to 168 and clean clean clean....

Lunch time, I passed by the shop so drop by to see my car.. The mechanic just finish checking my brakes.. Disc pad keras d.. Absorbers all gone ( never change for 5 yrs d so not surprised).. Alignment...
This and that, total bill came up to RM 800+.. Err.. ok lor..

Go back to house to continue being busy..

An hour later, a call from the mechanic came...
This time my tire bengkak.. have to change two.. then duno what bush which is next to absorber also need to change. that one about RM 50.. Count count it is going to be RM 1.1K like that... Phew.. What to do? Have to do lar.. so I said ok...

Another hour passed by. He called again. I was hoping that my car is ready d.. But NO.. he said duno what disc cap on my front wheel burst.. then don't know what alignment or something have to do that one another RM 100... I didn't listen anymore. My mind was having an epilepsy fit.. my mouth foaming d.... Oh man !!

About 6pm, he called again.. This time, my hand was already shivering.
He said, " Miss Tan, your car...." he paused.
My heart stopped...
" Is ready already... Hahah.. gave u a shock hoh..."
Aiyoooo %$%$*(^%$)#^)#_^#&$*%$(*%$(#%Y#!!!!!!!!!!!
Like that also fun ah ?? I die of heart attack baru you know.. But I answered him sweetly lar..
" Ya lor.. I am very shocked..."
Man.. the bill came up to RM1,330!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Half dead. Separuh mati....
Aii... but what need to be done.. need to be done..
At least, now my car, very nice to drive.. Smooth and feels it is lighter.. I hope that would my solution to more efficient fuel consumption...
Then my RM 1330 is well spent..
I am not going to sell my car for another 5 years !!!!!

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Friday, September 22, 2006
Create your own photo book!!
I was reading yvy's blog about her wedding pressie from 5xmom... It is a photobook and it can be custom made !! You know for weddings, babies, birthdays and of course travel logs !!!
Actually, I have heard about it from Jason and found it a really interesting thingy.. to me lar.. coz I love to take photos and view and view and view them... Hahaha..
Anyway, was trying to locate the site and I found it on 5xmom's blog today. ( Actually it has been there sometime just that I mata sepet..)

It's pretty interesting... You can download their software and create your own photo book with your photo titles.. So that anytime and anyone can revisit your ' Journey'...

Check it out... I am still reading about it. Internet is slow here.. aii.. sien..

Anymore of these sites/ services that you know off or ever engage their service? Let me know... Share share info.. :P

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Thursday, September 21, 2006
English Speaking??? !!!
Before I proceed, just want to express my relief that the situation in Bangkok is peaceful. ..... :) Whew!! The situation was sort of exaggerated I guess.. Hehe.. and just what drama addict like me need. :P
Ok, back to my topic.
Lately, there is a vendor stationed in my office. He is just sitting in front of me. He has black hair, brown eyes and yellow skin..--> Cheena lar.. But he speaks with an ang moh slang. Today, Amy, our colleague sort of suggested to invite him to have lunch with us. I replied no la.. with his slang, I am worried that I would take off my high heels and slap him halfway through lunch..
Seriously, I just find people like this irritating..
Eh.. You Cheena lar.. why speak like kwai lou here. If you are studying overseas, you want to speak to kwai lous like that, by all means. But you are back here... Speak lar like Malaysian. And people who say they have stayed overseas too long and have adapted to the slang. Ahhh.. BULLSHIT la, unless you are born and bred there. Anytime, if you want, you can speak like a normal Malaysian. Speaking in slang doesn't mean you are any better than any of us..
That comes back to a mindset.. Have you all ever feel or been taught to find people who can speak better English are superior ?
Is this common to you??
"Wahh.. her English very good.. fi li fe leh.. canggih !!You must be like her else people will laugh at you"
"Yerr, like that also can become speaker meh ? SO many grammer mistakes..."
Hey hello !!
We are Chinese!! Our English must be so British meh?? (Malay, Indian also same, but I am Cheena so I speak for Cheena !)
Don't get me wrong. English is important as a means of communication. BUT, it is not a way to rate whether the person is superior or successful.
I am Chinese educated and I am proud of it. My spoken English might sound abit Cheena and yat kau yat kau AND there might be grammers in my writing, but it is ok. I can write, read and converse in English pretty comfortably. People understand me, I understand them. No problemo !!
Most importantly is that I can write, read and speak Mandarin, my mother tongue. I still remember the roots of my origin. I am still connected.
I believe everyone should have a good command of own their mother tongue or at least a dialect. The least is to be able to speak and understand.
If you can't even converse in your own mother tongue/ dialect, you should be ashamed of yourself. No matter how superb your command of English is. Especially, if a person of different color speaks to you in your own language..( I have seen Malays, Indians and even non-chinese foreigners speaking our language/ dialect) and you can't answer them . Won't you feel ashamed ?
My children are so going to a Chinese school.
They will thank me when they reach the age to go into karaokes. :P
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Wednesday, September 20, 2006
Double lucky........
Thailand's army commander wrested power from Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, sending tanks and troops into the streets of the Thai capital and declaring martial law early this morning.

"I declare Bangkok under a severe state of emergency",Thaksin said in a voice broadcast on Thai television.
Excerpts from The Star Online.
Scary huh !! To think I just came back from Bangkok just 3 days ago and this is happening!!
I just got a glimpse of the news.. don't really know what is the full story.
  • Friend from Halliburton said their Bangkok counterpart is on holiday today.... And there is a travel advisory to Thailand....
  • Friend from Bangkok replied my mail sounding optimistic and happy that his has a day off today. He thinks things will go well after tomorrow..
  • My uncle ( a family friend) and my bf's friend in Bangkok cannot be contacted for comments.
This is brought to you by smingtan.blogspot.com.... Stay tuned for more updates (if any lar).
Anyway, I have to thank my lucky lucky stars... That we went there and eat shop have fun with a peace of mind. Come back safely and that we are not stranded anywhere.
Else, like what 8enji say, I can write a book or do a movie like THE TERMINAL- sming version.. :)
Also, exactly two weeks before the bombing in Hadyai, I was roaming those streets where 3 bombs that went off last week. Right on those streets.. Abit of black humour, I can imagine me being found cringing in pain but still stuffing the big fat chicken drumstick in my mouth. :P
(**Bloggers are condemning the terrorists acts.. Pls visit 9393's blog.)
Oh well, I feel bad for the people in Hadyai, though they are not so friendly or sweet. The people there do depend 100% on tourism. I still remember I have this thought that night after the sexy girl show, that one day if tourists stop coming to Hadyai, the economy will die. The people would be badly effected. And now.... oh dear.... It's happening !!
Aii... and please see what this wicked 8enji said. Konon-nya may be I am not lucky but the jinx to Thailand and that I brought havoc to the both places I went..
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Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Six Random Things about ME...
Have been tagged by yvy... who have now married to Ozzzzz.. Happy for her...
Ok....Here we go........!!**rub hands gleefully**
  1. I love to eat. I live to eat.....My underworld name is 'Wai Sek Mau'.. Meow !!
  2. I am getting fat. OKAAAAAY... Correction.... I am getting fatter. *sulk*
  3. I have quite of a temper- quick and hot.. And it is not getting any better with my age...
  4. I love dogs. Always wanted a dog of my own, but I am also afraid of the attachment. Later the dog die, I very susah hati ler.. Sometimes,I still dream and miss my hammy who passed away about 6 years ago. So, decided I will just go and play with dogs in pet shops.
  5. I am afraid of having babies.. I am terrified of the idea !! I hate it when people tell me my biological clock is ticking and I should have one before I reach 30...
  6. My ambition is to be a Siu Lai Lai... And I am still working on it. :P

Ok. This is only my second meme. What I do next ? I tag people right??


Here goes.


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Monday, September 18, 2006
Bangkok - Shopping - Sight Seeing- R&R...
How much? Cheap cheap ? You good I good ??
These phrases have been dominating my 'conversation' for the past one week... I think later I go buy chap fan( economy rice) also I will start to bargain with the aunty... :P
RM4.00 ??
No NO..
RM 3.50- last price...
Top 10 stuff about Bangkok......
  1. Bangkok is a SHOPPING HEAVEN !!! I spent 8 days there. Half of the time I am shopping... Things are cheap there !! I went crazy ! As long you are not brand-conscious, you can go bankrupt there!! :P And even the Guy Laroche merchandise are so cheap there.. Instant noodle and it is so yummy!!!!!
  2. Bangkok is INFESTED with 7-11 convenience stores. They are everywhere !! Just at the place I am staying, one stretch of road- one on our left, one on our right, one opposite.. MAN !! My Bkk fren told me that there is 3,200 7-11 in Thailand. Whew!
  3. Thai people are ADVENTUROUS... See this is what they eat... and it is sold out early every day. I wanted to try the grasshopper so that I can blog about it.. But after seeing this... no way ler !!! WELL... they don't have grasshoppers maaaa....
  4. The fren's place that we were putting up at does not have any pay channel. So at times, I spent the evening watching Thai sitcoms, news and shows. And commercials.. and I like their commercials. It is really creative and funny too... :) (may be that is the only thing I can understand on their TV)
  5. Ah.. and the Thais are quite leng chai and leng lui also... I forsee ( **Thumb touching each of my fingers in random sequence**) that Thai Soap Operas would be a hit in near future- after the Jap and Korea fad....
  6. Alot of local people talk to me in Thai... Hmm... So even though they are different than us, however, alot of them have Chinese blood. Just that they don't speak, read or write Chinese.... But at the tourist area, they can speak enough English to bargain and sell... :)
  7. The Thais worship their King and Queen. His Majesty's photo can be found anywhere. And on Monday, everyone wears this T Shirt.. their national uniform... It is to celebrate His Majesty's reign of 60 years!! Kinda scary to see everyone walking around in the same colour shirt. Also, they celebrate Mothers' Day in August and Fathers' Day in December. That is on the exact birthday of the Queen and King of Thailand. Very much respected...
  8. I went to this German beer brewary. It is a restaurant that brews its own beer. Beer is fresh !! Aaahh..!! And food is yummy!!! This is a really good concept but sadly it is not legal to have it in Malaysia..... On top of that, they have shows... Dances, cabaret, songs performance, games.. interesting !! This place has just celebrated its 7th Anniversary and going strong !!!! Have 400 staffs including the perfomers.... WOW....
  9. Something that I am quite astonished is that even though Bangkok has more foreign tourists than KL,anytime, the people there does not speak English very well.. Espescially the taxi drivers... Susah ler the language barrier...
  10. Generally, the standard of living there is lower. Espescially the food and clothes.. Imagine RM 10 for a fancy blouse... RM 19.90 for a handbag ( imitation or leather bag without brand though), RM 19.90 for those shoes with beads... RM 5-7 for a nice beach sandals.... Food at fancy restaurants (where the locals go one lar)- are also very very reasonable.. About RM 15-RM 25 for a dish.... Hmmmm.... Beer is cheap too !! SO cheap !!!!! Rm 2.50 for a can of beer..

All in all, it was a good trip.. We did shopping, shopping and shopping.. Then we do one day of sight-seeing to Ayuthiya and river cruise..

Then spent 3D2N in a nearby town called Hua Hin. Beautiful and quiet place. Rest and relax.

Well, that completes the trip.. Now, am back to reality..



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Friday, September 08, 2006
Thank God we have Air Asia !!
Don't jealous huh... Alot of people told me I have been going on alot of trips this year. Really lucky.. :)
Even my mom is complaining I travel much more than her...

Yes, I do thank my lucky stars that I get to travel so much this year espescially when I love travelling !! It's my passion. I don't mind using a no color screen phone but I must travel every year !! Hehehe.

It is a travel year as Air Asia gave out free tickets last year... :) I booked three trips with free tickets. Kota Kinabalu and Siem Reap. This is the last-->Bangkok. Hehe...
I still remember that my bf said he was going to write a letter to Tony and request him to stop doing this free tickets promotions.. His girlfriend is booking the tickets like mad.. !!


Anyway, I would be away for a week. My bf got a fren there. So, we can stay at his place.. Save on accommodation.. free tickets.. Why not??

So I might not be blogging for a week... :P
Don't miss me but do come back for more updates from Bangkok... :P
Yeah I know.... Thailand again.. I m going there to import gigolos...

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006
FOOOOOD in Hadyai
Sawadee kaaaap !!
First meal. Brunch. Was ravenous. Well, we all were !! The very 'helpful' agent where we bought the return bus ticket brought us to a shop he claimed was cheap and nice. We din have time to choose...Waaaa... smell so nice like that. Finish d only realised, we went all the way to Hadyai and had SINGAPORE BAK KUT TEH !! Pengsan

My Bf ordered teh-si.. And this is how they served the drink. :P

I had my pork leg rice.. and an iced milo. All came up to RM 17.00 !! So expensive.. Just arrived also kena cut throat d. Next time dun believe in multi-dialect-super-friendly-tourist-agents !!!!!!!!

Road side 'Delicacy'

This is all over the place. Also some fried BIG fat chicken thighs... Smoked cuttle fish and stuff.. See the little chicks.. withthe small chicken feet. Geli hoh.. even though I eat chicken feet one also I geli.....

Birdnest is everywhere.. RM 10-30. I had one on second night. RM 20 one.. mediocre range. eat d face wat wat luit luit.. bak bak shuit shuit.. :P

Dinner- First Night

Suckling Pig !!! For RM 80 only..

From this become this then become this

Then become...... the empty plate I forgot to take. :P

And this is one of the best Pineapple Fried Rice I even had since I was 12 years old (had it in Bangkok). Who ever know got nice superb PFR in KL pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee let me know !!

Breakfast- second day

Some flat flat noodle with wan tan, with fish ball.. with also duno what all inside it.. A bit funny..But at least not exorbitant !!

Lunch we had some sa hor fan thingy in a shop. They use coal one. Not gas. Nicer ah ? I don't know .. taste the same. I was feeling lucky that I am still alive after the massage. :P

Dinner- second day

We went up to a 'hill top' restaurant. Overlooking the entire Hadyai, which was kinda flat. Caught a glimpse of sunset there. It was already setting d. Nice. Also manage to see some fireworks. I din bring my tripod.. so the photos din come out really well.

The restaurant name is called Bon Khao Restaurant. Overall the food is ok there. But nice environment lor. Not too expensive though---> Malaysian standard la.

This is one of the nice dishes I like during the trip.. Kerabu.. Yummy!!! But got cili padi.. I kena twice...errgh !!

Other than that we had some other stuff like tom yam etc.. like that lor. But you all must see this fish we ordered. Cannot see anything also.. Macam the fish already drowned in all the sauce. HAHAHA

Breakfast- Last Day

Nothing special. But this is really funny. How they serve the garlic and chilli.. So ORIGINAL hoh... :P

Then we had McD.. Heheh.. HAVE to.. Got pork one. :P Din take photo. Coz I am afraid my bf and frens will whack me. Coz everytime a dish is served and just when they want to take the food. I would be going " EH !!! EH !! wait.......... I want to take photo first..... !!"


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Monday, September 04, 2006
Merdeka - Anniversary Celebration at Hadyai
Getting to Hadyai
Due to last minute planning and budget constraint, we decided to take a bus to Hadyai. RM 50 due to peak period. Hours to reach there? Terrible. 12 hours. Yah... o-<-<
5 hours spent on waiting at the borders. Our bus departed Puduraya at about 11.20pm. I count down to Merdeka with Zhau Gong on the bus. :P
Reach the border about 5.15 am. Wait wait wait for the people there to fill up few columns on our entry card then depart about 7 am. I also don't understand the system. We could have done it ourselves !!
Then stopped for like half an hour at the ZON duty free shop. Then we were stuck at the Thai border for like 1.5 hours. I don't know ler. I was dozing off. Which was good, kill time.
Reach Hadyai about 11am Malaysian time. Whew! What a trip.
Coming back was ok. Left Hadyai at 1pm Malaysian time, reach Puduraya 9pm. :)
Recommend to take Konsortium bus. Faster. We went with Sri Maju. Slow-nya !!!
What did we do there ?
Massage !!
During this 2.5 days trip, we went for massage TWICE. They have strong hands.. mmmm.. strong.. Nice !And it was RM 24 for two hours !!
Cheap leh.. If that is cheap, wait till you hear about the second day massage.. It was RM 20 for two hours !! Ooooo.... Good leh..
But the second day massage lady was stronger, she was walking all over me. Crushing me with her thighs while 'massaging' my back.. I tot I was dying.. What was the word I learnt from CSI ? Asphyxia.. That is the word.. Aii...
My friends then ask me why I never asked her to stop.. I want to 'ei ei' also cannot ler.. My mouth pushed down to the pillow.. Breathe also cannot lagi want to ask her to stop ... Hahaha.. Then she bent me in all sorts of position.. Whew... scary..
ps. We went to Siam Center Hotel and Sakura Grand Hotel
Shopping!! Beer!! Food !!
Did some shopping. Go there also got Merdeka sale.hehe ! Shows that Malaysian tourists really contribute alot to Hadyai's economy. Just did abit of shopping. But that is all we can do. The guys was like going in and out 7-11 for beer. Cheap.. Almost 50% off.. So they were like downing 3-4 cans/bottle a day. Haha..
It is kinda funny that beer or liquor is for sale only at a certain period of time.
11am - 2pm and then 5pm till 12 midnight. Other time, they lock the alcohol cooler door. Hmm.. Interesting huh !!
Other than that, eat lor... Not really superb but I had really yummy pineapple fried rice ( cannot find in Malaysia so far). N one kerabu salad.. Yummy !!
Will post another entry on food later. :)
Sexy girl Show
See.. this is it. This photo really very difficult to get. I got 'scolded' by this manly woman for taking photo. She was like saying the police will catch me la. Got video camera catching me red handed taking the photo la.. Gotta delete the photo. Bla bla !
Wa.. want to intidimate me ah? So I retorted that she did not even put a do not take photos sign. And what is so secretive about this ler !!!! She toned down abit but still mumbling. I bluffed her that I am deleting but she din want to look at my camera. So I din delete ler. haha. Anyway, i took this photo because it was really funny, it says.
Tiger show. Got make love.
We went for it but not for the "love making part"- more for the experience. Was quite boring. The intercourse part was boring and I find it really sad for them. To do something so intimate, live, in front of so many people. :(
Anyway, there is no tiger ler. I think they meant Thai girls.
Then there were dances, where the girls wear really sexy undies and start stripping.. I was sitting on the side. Din get a good view. Anyway, nothing much to see ler coz I also got ma. :P
Just go for the experience I would say. :)
People there are kinda rude i would say. Not as friendly and nice as the Cambodians. And are quite opportunists. The travel agents will haunt you once you stepped down from the bus. When they see single men, they will offer you 'special service'. Errm.. I also duno what to say la. I saw a group of young men calling for escort service. Then two ah pek also got. Geli... Aii..
Anyway, the massage parlour we went don't allow the girls to go to rooms for massage anymore. They also cannot go out with customers for dinner. That is better I think. Maintain some vice-less activity there.
Notorious Pink Lady. I din go in. But the guys told me you can choose the girls from an aquarium. The rooms are filled with mirrors. Errmm.. for performance review worr...
The people there do surprised me. They can speak Mandarin, Hokkien and Cantonese!!! Self learnt so that they can communicate with the tourists !! I do respect them. The Hokkien they speak puts me in shame, and the level of mandarin they can converse in also puts alot of chinese bananas in shame. Aii....
It was kinda funny to converse with non-chinese in our mother tongue. We were so used to speak to foreigners with English. At least I am.
Bad point. We cannot do our own talk. Unless we speak our Bahasa. However, there are Malays there too.. Ai yo yo..susah !
Mode of transport
This is their tuk tuk.. it is all over the place. :) Cheap. Easy to get around town. They also have motorbikes as 'taxi'. Just find those with vests. And see that the passenger is not required to wear helmet. (just behind the tuk tuk) Hmm..
If you plan to go to the hill for dinner (which we did) and visit the temples, better to get a van. Slightly more expensive but at least comfortable. Just hop in to one of the tour agent. Bargain abit ler.
Ok here are some pictures of things that are different from Malaysia...
<-FireHydrants.-> Post Box->
Construction method. See the timber used in between for support. In Malaysia, we use process wood. Here it is half processed wood, half timber. Interesting huh? i also din know. But I have one contractor, one housing developer with me on the trip, so I know lor !!! Hehehe..

Hmm.. That is all about Hadyai. For now. :)
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Dad's birthday
Before I write anything about my Hadyai trip, just want to note that today is my dad's birthday. Or was his birthday. I don't know.
A silent moment for dad. A prayer for dad.
I miss you. I love you.
Words that I never said when he was alive. Words that I want him to hear so much.
Irony. Life.
Never wait to show your love. How true it is. How late it is to realise now.
Don't take things for granted then regret. A living example sits here.
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