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Thursday, June 05, 2008
And she is two months old d !!
First I was too bloated to blog and then I was too tired, exhausted to blog.

Then, time just flies.. and now..
Yeah, she is two months old today.

She was 3 days overdue. And I ended up having an emergency c sect due to pro-longed labour.

Oh well, doesn't matter. As long as, my darling baby came out safe and sound, fat and cute !!


My maternity leave coming to an end. How am I coping with motherhood ? At times, I still in a daze that I am a mother now. Challenges for the first 2 months is over, more to come..

She is not easy to take care.. Even my mother almost raised up the white flag.
  • She bawls like we torture her when we bathe her

  • She has pro-longed jaundice.. and I am not confined during my confinement period as almost every two days I take her to the the clinic to have her bilirubin level checked

  • She refused to be bottle feed .. at the end of her first month. Doc suspect she has breastmilk jaundice so we had to bottle feed her for 3 days.. and it was terrible to see her cry piteously for me.. now even after a month, sometimes she still wants to suckle , which gets me worried as I am going back to work soon

  • She wouldn't shit after her jaundice was at a safe level.. Aii.. apparently, the formula milk doesn't suit her...

The list goes on... this mother complaining d !! haha.. but now she smiles at me,my heart melts.. when she cooes at me, my heart tickles... and when she cries, my heart breaks..

I want to give her the best, to protect her, to love her, to provide her.....

And I truely understand a mother's love, a mother's sacrifice... and to appreciate my own mother more...

Here is my little Baby Loong Yi

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